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Tourism Destinations around Surabaya – East Java

kota surabaya 300x225 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaSurabaya City Tour

Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, with a metropolis population reached 3 million, Surabaya is the center of business, commerce, industry, and education in eastern Indonesia. Surabaya known as City of Heroes as a highly regarded history in the struggle for Indonesian independence from the colonizers. Surabaya word supposedly comes from a battle between the mythical story of Sura (shark) and Baya (crocodile) and eventually became the city of Surabaya.

Many tour destinations you have to visit in Surabaya city are : Surabaya sculpture, Heroes Monument, Submarine Monument, House of Sampoerna, Suramadu Bridge, Kenjeran Waterpark, Arab Quarter at Ampel.

Mount Bromo – Probolinggo

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Landscape gunung bromo

Mount Bromo located in the area of National Park Bromo Tengger Semeru which is extended arround four cities in East Java Province, those are Probolinggo, Malang, Pasuruan and Lumajang. To reach Mt. Bromo you can take overland from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang, and then you can hire Jeep Hardtop to go to Penanjakan and explore seas of sand and the crater of Mount Bromo. This mount was popular with very-very beautiful sunrise view, usually tourist must climb early morning to the top of mount to enjoy the beautiful moment of sunrise between mount and active crater of Bromo, the perfect place to enjoy sunrise is in the Penanjakan. If you’re lucky, when you get down of the mount, you can see rainbow extended above seas of sand between cliffs which is surround those area. In addition to enjoy the sunrise moment from Penanjakan, you can also enjoy the landscape of National Park Bromo Tengger Semeru, Mt. Batok and Mt. Semeru, seas of land and the wide caldera and the hill of Teletubbies and “Pure Poten” which is located at central of seas of sand, this place usually used for relegiuos ceremonies by the people of Tengger.

Madakaripura Waterfall – Probolinggo

Air terjun madakaripura 300x170 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaNot too far from the slopes of Bromo, there Madakaripura historic Falls, this is the hermitage Gajahmada, the great prime mnister od Majapahit kingom. Madakaripura Waterfalls can be reached about 45 minutes from Bromo. When we got to the main gate og the waterfalls, we had to walk about 20 minutes to reach the locations, I think this is the tallest waterfall in East Java or even in Indonesia. I suggest you to use mountain shoes, because the area of Waterfall are wet and slippery. On the way to the waterfalls you can see the moss covered rock wall, this happens because of wind gusts that contain water with high levels caused sparks Waterfalls.

Ranu Kumbolo

Ranu Kumbolo Semeru 300x137 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaRanu Kumbolo is a lake of 18 hectares located in the path of ascent to Mahameru, located in the valley, he is actually a valley basin itself is flooded by water, he was very charming, the climbers will usually build a tent here before continuing the ascent, not just to rest but also to enjoy the natural scenery is very special, Ranu Kumbolo have a crystal clear lake water, it complements the natural surroundings and make it into a very beautiful place.

Ijen Crater – Bondowoso  & Banyuwangi

Ijen Crater 300x136 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaIjen Crater is located on the top of mountain Ijen, the mount is located on the border area between Banyuwangi regency and Bondowoso regency, is one of a unique international tourist destination, it has a charming sunrise and blue fire, one of the natural phenomena that we can see every night, there are only two blue fire in the world, one in the crater of Ijen and one in Iceland. To reach Ijen crater, we could pass through one of two routes, first, route Bondowoso, we will pass through the town and next to coffee plantations to on the slopes of Mount Ijen. Second, route Banyuwangi, if you are tourists from Bali then you should use Banyuwangi route, each route will meet at a place called Paltuding, from here we will start the ascent to the summit crater. Main attraction when we visit Ijen Crater is watching blue fire phenomena  and also during the ascent we will meet traditional sulfur miner of locals, they are carrying sulfur from the crater to foot of mount Ijen.

Baluran National Park – Situbondo

Savana bekol Taman Nasional Baluran 300x200 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaJava is one of the most densely populated island in the world, but on this island anyway we can still find many savannahs, grasslands and forests. One of them is Baluran National Park. In Baluran National Park we will be treated to views of nature complete with wild animals that live in it, it is very similar to the African nature, it’s no wonder Baluran National Park have the nickname The Little Africa in Java.

Located in District Banyuputih, Situbondo, East Java on the north side of the island of Java, the National Park impassable highway connecting the northern coast of Java and Bali on the border of Situbondo and Banyuwangi, the entrance to the national park is located right on the edge of the highway so easy visit. On the north side bordering straits of Madura, because it is typical of the north coast beaches glaze quiet and does not have high waves suitable for snorkeling and diving activities. There is a mountain that lies dormant right in the middle of the park, named Mount Baluran, and from it’s name the national park’s name refered to.

Many attraction that’s have to be visited in Baluran are Savanna Bekol, Bama beach, Curah Tangis, Evergreen Forest, Bilik beach and Sajile beach.

Meru Betiri National Park – Jember & Banyuwangi

Penyu ke laut di pantai Sukamade 300x145 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaMeru Betirin National Park (TNBT) is located on the south coast of East Java that is included in the two districts namely Jember and Banyuwangi in the east end with an area of ​​50,000 hectares. The name refered to the highest mountain inside national Park (Meru) Betiri (1,223 m).

Besides being able to see the five species of sea turtles are often visited this beach, we still can find Java tiger (reportedly). It also can be seen buffalo, leopard, deer, and various types of monkeys, peacocks, various eagles and hornbills. In addition, the flora here include Rafflesia zollingeriona and Balanphora fungosa. Beautiful landscape with charming beaches can be found in Green Bay. For those who are not satisfied with the adventure of watching turtles lay eggs can perform other activities, among others, exploring the woods around Bandealit and Mt. Gendong. You can also do rock climbing and rope climbing down a cliff in Bandealit coast.

Alas Purwo National Park – Banyuwangi

Welcome to Alas Purwo resize 300x200 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaIf you guys ever heard of forests untouched by human hands, natural, in which a wide range of wildlife living in the real sense as your imagination picture of the forest, so this is Alas Purwo, the oldest forests in Java, its existence remains sustainable until now, in contrast to most of Indonesian forests are already cleared for industrial and business purposes, denuded by illegal logging, the animals that live in it slowly extinct or if not hunted for disturbing the human, not the animals actually bothering us, we are the ones who actually destroying their homes.

 Alas Purwo National Park is located on the eastern tip of the Java island in the district Banyuwangi bordered by Bali straits on the eastern side and the Indian Ocean on the south, because of it, the south side of the Alas Purwo beach as the south coast of Java has high waves. Many interesting spots inside Alas Purwo are :


A Savanna located inside Alas Purwo National Park, this spot is home of a lot of wildlife including Java Cow or bull, they live in groups to defend themselves from wild predators who also lives in the neighborhood, there are also deer, elk, wild boar, monkeys, leopards and wolves, the balance of the food chain contained in this ecosystem makes it always awake naturally without human intervention. The best season to see these wild animals is the dry season when they gathered in the savanna that still have reserves of water that had been given by forest managers.


There are many caves in Alas Purwo National Park, some of the cave is still used as a hermitage by those who believe in mystical things.


There are many beaches that stretch along the southern and eastern edges of Alas Purwo, one of the most popular beach is Plengkung, one of the best sports surfing beach destination in the world besides Hawaii, some beaches may be mentioned here is Grajakan beach, Bedul Beach, Triangulation beach, Pancur and Ngagelan beach.

 Turtles Conservation

For approximately 5 to 6 months throughout the year between April to September in the coastal of Purwo Alas there are some turtles that lay their eggs in the warm sand along the beaches, turtle landing area is protected and be centralized at the Ngagelan beach as a center of turtle conservation in Alas Purwo.

 Pura Luhur Giri Salaka

In the holy days of the Hindus, the temple is used for places of worship, those who came originally from Bali and Java.

Malang & Batu City Tour

paralayang 300x200 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaMalang and Batu are famous as a tourist destination area, located on a plateau surrounded by mountains with a cool air are increasingly making this area a very attractive place to visit. Naturally Batu and Malang has a mountainous landscape with a beautiful view, plus too many rides and tourist facilities that make this city more lively, cool weather was very suitable to spend the weekend and relaxation after a tiring work activities. Some spots of tourism in Batu and Malang, among others; Agro tourism, Paragliding, Rafting, Selecta, Songgoriti, Jatim Park, BNS – Batu Night Spectacular, thermal baths Cangar, Coban Rondo waterfall, Sempu Island, Tea Gardens etc..

Pulau Sempu – Malang

sempu segara anakan 300x201 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaSempu Island is located in the south of Malang, an uninhabited island, the area is covered by protected tropical forest, the south side of the island has a high coral cliffs that protect the island from the waves of south coast of Java that was famous by its power, there is a lagoon called Segoro Anakan inside the island that is connected directly to the sea through the coral cave then  fill the lagoon with the sea water on high tide, this lagoon is main attraction to be visited in Sempu island.

Taman Safari II – Pandaan, Pasuruan

Taman Safari Indonesia 2 Pasuruan 300x200 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaTaman Safari Indonesia 2 is one of the largest Safari Park in Asia, which is located in the National Park of Mount Arjuna, East Java. Having a wide variety of animal species and the best attractions in Indonesia, a swimming pool with a sophisticated water filter system, and are not damaged habitats and lush atmosphere. Taman Safari Indonesia became a tourist spot and environmentally oriented wildlife habitat in the wild.

Tanjung Papuma beach – Jember

papuma1 300x199 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaLocated in Jember, exactly about 25 km from the district Ambulu. Along the road to the beach, we can see the green paddy fields and tropical forest. You do not need to worry about the road to the beach, the access road has been well developed, private vehicles can go directly to the beach. Tanjung Papuma is a typical beach with a breathtaking ocean view, but has a fairly high waves, we suggest that if travelers want to explore the beaches to use local guides who already have experience with the coastal areas.

Balekambang beach – Malang

Balekambang Beach is located in Malang regency, about 30 kilometers south of the city Kepanjen, or 45 kilometers south of the city of Malang. There is a temple on the coast just like in Bali.

Pantai Goa Cina – Malang

Goa Cina Beach is a beach on the south coast of East Java province is located in Malang regency precisely in the District Sumbermanjing Wetan. The beach is located close to the Sendang Biru Beach. But Goa Cina beach is more deserted and more natural than Sendang Biru Beach, So that this beach can be an alternative tour if bored by the height of Sendang Biru Beach. This beach being famous for its beauty, clarity of the water, waves, and beautiful range of rock into a pampering treat eye. Additionally when dusk we can also enjoy the view of the sunset.

Rafting Adventure Pekalen River – Probolinggo

rafting adventure 300x199 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaPekalen river is one of the best river for rafting adventure in Indonesia, located at Probolinggo regency about 3,5 hours from Surabaya, and can be reached about 1 hour from Bromo, while exploring the river, we will pass rapids that challenges your adrenalin, waterfalls and many bat nest. So if you’re in Surabaya now, and have one day of free time, you can spend it to explore the river.

Ranu Agung – Probolinggo

Ranu Agung Probolinggo 300x225 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaRanu Agung, is a volcanic lake formed from Lamongan volcano. Ranu Agung has tremendous tourism potential, and deserve to be the natural attractions with green and soothing atmosphere. This volcanic lake is situated in the village of Ranu Agung, Tiris districts, 40 km from downtown of Probolinggo. With a height of 525 m above sea level, making Ranu Agung looks beautiful area surrounded by hills, plantations and forest areas. In addition, this area is also close to several other attractions like, Pekalen rivers for white water rafting, Kedaton temple of Majapahit kingdom and tea plantations at Kedaton Lawang.

Trowulan,The Heritage Site of Majapahit Kingdom – Mojokerto

Candi Bajang Ratu Trowulan 300x167 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaTrowulan is a plateau that lies between the end of the three mountains in the eastern part of Java, namely Mount Penanggungan, Mount Welirang and Mount Anjasmoro and the northern coast of Java, precisely in river delta of Berantas, an strategic area and fertile, Trowulan’s situation fits the Chinese literature that says that in order to reach the capital of Majapahit had to pass through a winding river. Trowulan currently located in the border of Mojokerto regency and Jombang, can be reached about 1 hour road trip to the southwest of Surabaya. There are several alternatives transportation to get to Trowulan, you can drive from the city of Surabaya by bus or by private vehicle, we highly recommend that you use a private vehicle to visit this site because the spots you should visit at  Trowulan located relatively far apart from one another, using private vehicles will allows you to reach every spot that you want to visit easily.


469 adu cepat karapan sapi ini terdapat di bangkalan dan bertanding di daerah sehingga pembatas lintasan terbuat dari bambu 2 300x192 Tourism Destinations around Surabaya   East JavaMadura is the name of the island that is located in the northeast of East Java. Its large approximately 5,168 km2 (smaller than the island of Bali), with a population of nearly 4 million people. Currently connected with Java through longest bridge Suramadu. Some of the attractive tourist destinations in Madura, among others: Madura Bull Race, Keraton Sumenep, Fort of VOC Kalimo’ok, Lombang Beach, unflagging Fire, Marine Park of Mamburit islands – Kangean  etc.

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