Alas Purwo & G-Land Tour

Taman Nasional Alas Purwo, Kalipait, Tegaldlimo, Kabupaten Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur 68484, Indonesia (0)
from/per person Rp1,260,000
  • 2 days tour
  • Accommodations
  • Group Allowed
  • Local guide
  • Meals
  • Transportation

Pantai Pasir Gotri - Taman Nasional Alas Purwo
Situs Kawitan - Taman Nasional Alas Purwo
Savana Sadengan - Taman Nasional Alas Purwo
Pantai Pasir Gotri - Taman Nasional Alas Purwo
Banteng Jawa Liar di Sadengan - Alas Purwo
Burung Merak di Savana Sadengan Alas Purwo
Goa Istana - Taman Nasional Alas Purwo
Kawasan Hutan Lindung Alas Purwo
Pantai Nngagelan - Taman Nasional Alas Purwo
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Situs Kawitan - Taman Nasional Alas Purwo
Savana Sadengan - Taman Nasional Alas Purwo
Pantai Pasir Gotri - Taman Nasional Alas Purwo
Banteng Jawa Liar di Sadengan - Alas Purwo
Burung Merak di Savana Sadengan Alas Purwo
Goa Istana - Taman Nasional Alas Purwo
Kawasan Hutan Lindung Alas Purwo
Pantai Nngagelan - Taman Nasional Alas Purwo
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Alas Purwo National park located at the eastern part of Java island, a virgin and natural national park in Java, the ecosystem of the national park has been well preserved because of it remote location, some part of this national park is definitely “virgin” and not yet explored by human. Alas Purwo means “Virgin jungle”, local Javanese people believes that this forest is a mystical forest, a natural virgin forest and for those peoples who try to disturb or destroy even a tree of the forest, they will get a wrath from the elders because Alas Purwo is home of the elders, it is the place where the elders stay and can makes interactions with them.

In addition to the above myths, Alas Purwo national park also have some tourist destination outside the core conservation area, we can mentione here some of those spot are : Bedul beach, Turtle conservation area in Ngagelan beach, Pancur beach and the base camp, Istana cave, Sadengan grass field, Plengkung beach which has one of the best barrel for surfing attraction, Gotri beach, Luhur Giri Salaka temple and many other spot which is not yet well managed for tourist attraction. Inside the Alas Purwo you find some wild animal such as deer, jungle wild pig, many kind of birds such as peacock and Javanese eagle and of course Javanese wild bull.

This tour will take you to explore those all destinations, catch the beauty of the beaches, get to know the ecosystem of wild, understand the mystical of Alas Purwo and get closer to the local people who lives traditionally around the national park.

What included?

  • Transportation during the tour including off road vehicle
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Admission fees for local tourist
  • Fuel surcharge, highway and parking fees
  • Hotel accommodation for 1 night in Jajag (Baru Indah Hotelor New Surya Hotel)
  • Tour guide
  • Meals as stated in the itinerary

What excluded?

  • Personal expenses
  • Insurances
  • Tipping


Day 1 – Pick up at Banyuwangi (L,D)
07:00am We will take you at Banyuwangi city, could be at your hotel, airport or any other places inside the city, then we will drive to Alas Purwo national park and takes 3,5 hours drive.
11:00am Arrived at Alas Purwo national park, firstly we will visit the area of turtle conservation in Ngagelan beach, here you can see the turtle’s egg are incubated naturally will be released to the ocean along Ngagelan beach when it hatced.
01:00pm Next we will visit Luhur Gir Salaka temple, it is one of the older Hindu temple in Banyuwangi and still in use of annual holy days of Hindu. Next to this temple, we can find Kawitan sites, this place believed as the place of the elder.
03:00pm Next we will visit Sadengan grass field , this savanna is home for Javanese wild bull, we can see to the entire part of this savanna using binocular.
04:00pm Finish Alas Purwo tour for today, and then we will head toward Jajag district (1,5 hour drive) and check in hotel and free time.
07:00pm We will find a local restaurant to have dinner. Back to the hotel, free time and rest.

Day 2 –Taman Nasional Alas Purwo (B,L,D)
07:00am We will leave hotel after breakfast and then go to Alas Purwo National park area. Today we will visit Pancur beach, it is one of the popular beach around Alas Purwo.
09:00am From Pancur beach, we will do trekking around 40 minutes to go to Istana cave, this cave believed as a good place for meditation to make a connection with the elders
12:00am Lunch at cafetaria at Pancur beach
01:00pm Next we will drive to Plengkung beach using off road car provided by locals. Before reaching Plengkung beach, we will stop at Gotri beach, this beach have a unique sands which is bigger than a normal sands. From Gotri beach we will drive around 40 minutes to Plengkung beach and then explore it.
02:00pm As well known, Plengkung beach is a popular beach for surfing and has really good barrel which invites surfers around the world to come to visit it.
04:00pm We will back to Pancur beach and take a break.
 05:00pm Next we will back to Banyuwangi city and drive around 3,5 hours.
09:00pm Tour ended in Banyuwangi

Necessary things to bring for this tour

  • Binocular
  • Hat
  • Trekking shoe
  • Camera

Important notes

  1. Itinerary may changes depends to the situation during the tour.
  2. Hotel room occupation is 1 room for 2 persons, in case of the number of participant are odd, an extra bed will be added into one of the room.
  3. The stated prices in this tour package are not yet included additional admission fee for foreign tourist, find more about it on the next step of booking process
Number Price per pax
10 pax Rp1,260,000
9 pax Rp1,320,000
8 pax Rp1,500,000
7 pax Rp1,650,000
6 pax Rp1,750,000
5 pax Rp1,800,000
4 pax Rp1,900,000
3 pax Rp2,150,000
2 pax Rp2,650,000
Information Details
Tour Code KN-8379
Min/Max pax 2/10 persons
Tour duration 2 days tour
Package type Private Tour
Schedule Daily Tour - Everyday available
Departure time Within 07-08am
Starting place Any place in Banyuwangi city
Ending place Any place in Banyuwangi city

What are available payment channels for this tour?
We receive payment via credit card and bank transfer. Payment via credit card will be charged additionally for bank fee and it is not yet included in the tour package price.

What is the additional entrance ticket for international for and how much is it?
Some of tour destination has different entrance ticket fee policy between local tourist (Indonesian citizen) and international tourist, this additional fee is not yet included in the tour package price, but you can add it into your package at booking page details, the fee amount are different in each tour destination.

Do I have to pay for this additional entrance ticket fee?
If you’re international tourist, you have to pay it additionally. But if you’re local tourist (Indonesian citizen) you don’t need to pay it additionally.

What if I forgot to add this additional entrance ticket fee into may package?
On the first day of the tour, our man who in charge for this tour will collect it from you. Please pay it in Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) in cash.

When is the best season to do this tour?
The best season to do this tour is within dry season or within May upto November. You can still visit this place outside those months but you might not get the best experience for this tour.

What if I want to be picked up in another town?
Please check for more detail about it in booking page detail by clicking booking button, if you can find pick up in another city additional service, it means you can do that. If you can not, please contact our customer service for further information.

Does Keliling Nusantara provides hotel pick up service for this tour?
Hotel pick up already included in this tour package.


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