#MARI BERBAGI What is it?

Not everyone is as lucky as us, we can take a walk to enjoy the beauty of nature, fun activities and fully entertaining, for theme, these acitivities perhaps too expensive to reach, while for the food needs they have to fight along day.

#MARI BERBAGI is one social program of KELILING NUSANTARA with funding mostly sourced from net income of KELILING NUSANTARA, fundraising and donations from donors who are non-binding.
With this program we invite you to set aside a portion of the property that we have for the purposes of sharing with others simply because we realize that they are also entitled to enjoy the same beauty as we can get, then they know that they are not alone, because we have an obligation to share with them so they get the right to a decent living as a human child.

What is the purpose of this program?

  • Building a culture of life to share with others and promoting a sense of togetherness.
  • Directing the activities of  KELILING NUSANTARA not merely for pleasure and profit, but also can provide benefits to the surrounding people and surrounding environment.

What is the objective?

  • Educational Activities
  • Orphans
  • The poor

How does this program work?

  • Providing educational scholarships to the children who deserve it.
  • Direct cash donation to Orphan and poor.
  • Social and humanitarian activities in line with the mission of KELILING NUSANTARA.

How does the mechanisms of accountability reporting of this program?

  • We will send an open invitation to the event #MARI BERBAGI to donors and prospective participants through our official website, facebook and twitter funpage so they can participate and witness directly the activities of #MARI BERBAGI.
  • Financial statements and documentation of #MARI BERBAGI activities will  be shared on the website, facebook and twitter funpage.

How you can participate in this program?

  • You can become donors on #MARI BERBAGI activities with cash or donate directly through our accounts that are non-binding.
  • You may be volunteers who donate their time, energy and thoughts on #MARI BERBAGI activities.
  • Following the tour organized by KELILING NUSANTARA.