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Bull Race – The Exotic Culture of Madura

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With so many diverse cultural heritage in the old country, we are now able to smile proudly and can move more confidently. Bull Race is one of the very fascinating heritage, comes from the island of Madura. This entrenched culture has lasted hundreds of years and still remain to be implemented as a cultural art that is considered the most prestigious in Madura.

Many interesting things to be learned from Bull Race, including philosophy, Bull Race is considered as a sacred legacy is not just an art, but he also gave prestige to the perpetrator and those who are involve in it, this sport is considered to have the man side that is very thick, then do not be surprised most of the audience were men, but over time all every one blend here, whether men or women like to enjoy this event lately as a very attractive alternative performances. Bull Race course also presents different prestige for the audience as Europeans watch the ball, then they watch Madura Bull Race when the season starts rolling.

Introductory dance of Bull Race

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Tarian pengantar Karapan Sapi

This event is a spectacle so interesting because this event is considered sacred by the bull owners and the residents of Madura, the cow is considered beyond treasure and gold, because he raise the prestige of the owner and the jockey who had united with the soul of the cow. Far Before the race began, cows are treated like human beings, ranging from eating, bathing and place of residence, do not be surprised this type of cattle can consume dozens of eggs and animal feed special vitamins, and exercise regularly 2 times a week. No wonder if this cows can soar for new cars if out as champions. Before the races began, there is usually Madura traditional dance that combined premises typical music very familiar to the people, that is Soronen, an instrumental music commonly played by people of Madura, escorted by a tribal dance. Truly unique show is not it?
This extreme race often rided by professional riders aged under 15 years. So the speed is incredible, and can be air lifted jockey racing along the track. Two cows put together by bamboo called Keleles, in the middle there is a cow jockey beat the cows to run as fast as possible. Not infrequently this cow did not stop in time so wide to the field. Wonderful! How the cows would stop if the jockey who holds the bat that drove was fitted with spikes, thus causing injury to the cow thigh, and it makes cow getting mad and ran harder and hard to control. “The fastest he win” that is the principleof Madura bull races. The Cow that crossing the finish line fastest then the other, that is the champion, with a knock out system.

As a very unique cultural heritage, make it so interesting attraction of Indonesian nation to better learn about their own culture, before other countries claim to have a similar culture. Bull races also became the entertainment for the people in the small island of Madura and the world. It is not uncommon international travelers watchs Bull Race in Madura. And the most important is how people know and realize that all around us a lot of very unique cultural heritage and can not be found in any other nation in the world!

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