Taman di Bukit Jaddih Bangkalan

Jaddih Hill Madura

Formasi Bukit Jaddih Bangkalan Jaddih Hill Madura

Jaddih Hill is a place of traditional white brick mining, it located in Socah Subdistrict, Jaddih Village, Bangkalan District Madura-East Java, approximately 10 kilometers to the west of Bangkalan district city center. This place is a new tourist destination but attracts many local Indonesian tourists. It landscapes is similar to Breksi Cliffs in Jogjakarta city, here you will see a formation of white limestone carvings of gigantic size, limestone cliffs in Jaddih village is not naturally formed, but it is the masterpiece of traditional white brick miners, For years, the miners take the white brick by cutting parts of the hill using a saw to form an exotic and artistic formation.

Actually, this mining area is a hill, and we can still explore it, if we climb to the top of the hill, we can enjoy the scenery to the green and vast area. This area is surrounded by an unspoiled landscape composed of green hills, is a perfect place for photography objects.

Inside the white brick mining area on this hill, we can see the pond in the middle, the water of this pond appears naturally, local people call it “Water of White Cave”, this is the main attraction of Bukit Jaddih tour.

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