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Vacation at Ranu Kumbolo

Ranu Kumbolo Semeru 300x137 Vacation at Ranu KumboloOf course you’ve ever heard of Mount Semeru with a peak named Mahameru, it is the highest land in Java Island, its height reaches 3,676 above sea level, but have you ever heard of “Ranu Kumbolo”?

Ranu Kumbolo is a lake of 18 hectares located in the path of ascent to Mahameru, located in the valley, he is actually a valley basin itself is flooded by water, he was very charming, the climbers will usually build a tent here before continuing the ascent, not just to rest but also to enjoy the natural scenery is very special, Ranu Kumbolo have a crystal clear lake water, it complements the natural surroundings and make it into a very beautiful place.

To achieve this, we must first have to ride “hardtop”  to Ranu Pani, last township in the ascent to the summit of Mount Semeru, Ranu Pani also was the first ascent post, you can choose one of 3 in the following route; via Malang we will rent a hardtop in Tumpang village , then drive to Ranu Pani, it also could be from Probolinggo, in the villages at the foot of Mount Bromo, we could rent a hardtop to Ranu Pani, from Lumajang can also use public transportation to Rani Pani, all of these lines will meet at Ranu Pani, from here we have to walk to Ranu Kumbolo approximately 3-5 hours depending on climbers’s physical strength.

Because of its location in the valley, Ranu Kumbolo have relatively extreme temperatures, at the peak of the dry season the temperature can reach below 0 degrees Celsius, but in the rainy season the field of climbing Ranu Kumbolo lane will be very heavy, we were advised to climb to Ranu Kumbolo in dry season although the temperature is relatively cool in comparison with rainy season, but in general it is to us.

Do not tink that trekking to Ranu Kumbolo monopolized only by adventure lover or mountain climbers trained, just lately a lot of groups consisting of family traveler who spend holidays in Ranu Kumbolo, enjoying the feel of different holidays certainly is a new experience fabulous and fun, enjoy the mountains and nature are fully aware we still have to keep the environment in order to remain sustainable. Of course for a vacation in Ranu Kumbolo need extra supplies, do not forget to set up tents, warm clothes, jackets, gloves, beanie, sleeping bags, supplies and of course cooking equipment,  because there is no shop that sells food.

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