Grand Tour East Java

Regular Trip – Grand Tour of East Java

Regular Trip Event Presented by Keliling Nusantara
Grand Tour of East Java

Grand Tour East Java Regular Trip   Grand Tour of East Java

Grand Tour of East Java is the excutive tour program of Keliling Nusantara, we organize it twice a year, this program arranged to explore all favorite tour destinations entire East Java. By pride and sincerity we promote this program to all travel lover to join this trip.

Tour Duration : 10 days
Price per person : IDR. 8.000.000,-
Minimum Quota : 4 persons
Maximum Quota : 8 persons

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Information and Reservation
Misbahul Munir
Mobile Phone : +62 813-3164-1615

Tour Destinations

  • Trowulan – Heritage site of Majapahit Kingdom, located at Mojokerto Regency, we will find here many temples, public bath and museum.
  • Tretes – one of the most visited plateau in East Java, city’s temperature is cool, many people spend their weekend at this city.
  • Cangar, located at Batu regency, this is a mountain landscape with beautiful views, there was public baths in Cangar with warm water, and we will visit those baths.
  • Sempu Island, is the conservation area, located at south of Malang regency, to reach this island we will drive over land about 2 hours from Malang City to the south and then we’ll cross Sendang Biru beach to the island with local fisherman boat.
  • Goa Cina Beach, is a beautiful and natural beach, located at the same shoreline with Sendang Biru beach.
  • Waterfall Madakaripura, is a legendary waterfall which was known as meditation place of Gajah Mada the prime minister of Majapahit Kingdom, located at Probolinggo, in the slope of mount Bromo.
  • Mount Bromo is the most favorite tour destination in East Java, popular by it’s sunrise and many others spot in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, the National Park area extended between four districts of East Java, there are Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Lumajang.
  • Papuma Beach, located at Jember regency, is the one of most beautiful beach in East Java.
  • Ijen Crater, located at the border of Bondowoso and Banyuwangi regency, this plateau was popular with “blue fire moment”, during hiking to the crater we will meet many traditional sulfur miner.
  • Baluran National Park, located at the border of Situbondo and Banyuwangi regency, Baluran is home of javan bull and many others wild animals.
  • Alas Purwo National Park and G-Land Plengkung, is the oldest natural forest in Java, located at the east end of Java Island at Banyuwangi regency. Plengkung is one of the best surfing destination beaches in the world after Hawai in America, it is located at the area of Alas Purwo National Park.
  • Pasir Putih Beach, located at Situbondo regency, it is the most visited white sands beach in East Java.
  • Surabaya City Tour, Surabaya is the capital city of East Java province, labeled as City of Heroes cause it’s people contribution during struggle for Indonesian freedom. there are museums at Surabaya, historical places and buildings, moreover! we will also enjoy Surabaya culinary.



Day 1

09.00 am : Briefing

All participant has to be at meeting point at 09.00 am. First program before all is introduction, all participant has to introduce it’s self to the other participants, we will explain about tour summary program, descriptions about our destinations and rules during the trip.

 10.00 am : Trowulan

Trowulan is the capital city of Majapahit Kingdom, in java literature it’s called “Keraton”,  Majapahit ruled Java Islands and Nusantara on the period 12-15 century, we can find here many temples, public baths, museum and local people attraction, located at Mojokerto regency. Trowulan is the first destination of Grand Tour East Java, to reach this site, we have to drive from Surabaya about 2 hours. We will discover Majapahit heritage at Trowulan until 03.00 pm and then we will go to Tretes to stay and overnight.

 06.00 pm : Tretes

We will overnight here. In the early morning we will continue the trip to Malang regency, to Sempu Island.

Facilities : Lunch, dinner, Villa at Tretes, entrance ticket to Trowulan.

 Day 2

04.00 am : Trip to Pulau Sempu – South of Malang

Of Tretes we continue the trip to Sempu Island at Malang, with a predicted trip for 4 hours we will arrive at Sendang Biru beach – main gate to enter Sempu Island – about 09 am.

 09.00 am : Sendang Biru beach – main gate to enter Sempu Island

After rest and breakfast at Sendang Biru beach we will cross the beach to the island by renting local fisherman boat, at Sempu Island we will track down the tropical forest about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach “Segoro Anakan” a lagoon that is connected with main sea by coral cave. Sempu island with it’s tropical forest is a protected conservation area, therefore, tour program to Sempu Island must in consciousness of protecting the environment stay sustainable.

About 01.00 pm we will leave “Segoro Anakan” and return back to Sendang Biru beach, after rest and launch we will continue the trip to Goa Cina beach which was popular by it’s natural beach.

 04.00 pm : Goa Cina Beach

Goa Cina is a natural beach located at the same shoreline  with Sendang Biru beach, there was a cave over the beach named “Goa Cina”, so from that cave the beach’s name referred to, we will be stay in this beach to the moment of sunset.

 09.00 pm : Overnight in Malang City

Of the Goa Cina beach we will come back to Malang and stay overnight.

Facilities : Breakfast, launch, dinner, entrance tickets to Sendang biru beach and Goa Cina beach, local fisherman boat, hotel in Malang.

 Day 3

06.00 am : Trip to Cangar

We will begin the trip to Cangar in the early morning, Cangar is located at Batu regency and takes one hour trip from Malang, tired after yesterday’s activity throughout the day, it is time to relax and stretch the muscles in the hot springs Cangar. From Cangar we will continue the trip to Probolinggo regency to waterfall Madakaripura, a legendary waterfall which has historical relationship to Gajah Mada the prime minister of Majapahit Kingdom.

 02.00 pm : Waterfall Madakaripura

According to the history, this waterfall is a place used by Gajah Mada a legendary prime minister of Majapahit kingdom for it’s meditation in last period of his life. A beautiful and highest waterfall in East Java, there are five waterfalls at this location and the bigger one has a pool and we can swim over there. When we arrive to the gate of the waterfall, we should walk down along the banks of the river and sometimes cross it until we arrive to the waterfall. After activities at waterfall Madakaripura we will get to the hotel in the slope of mount Bromo.

 07.00 pm : Overnight in Bromo

Facilities : Breakfast, launch, dinner, entrance tickets to Cangar and waterfall Madakaripura, hotel in Bromo.

 Day 4

02.00 am : Explore Bromo

At 02.00 pm we will start to explore mount Bromo with 4 wheel drive vehicle called Hardtop. The first spot is hunting Bromo sunrise from the highest place in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park called Penanjakan, from here we can watch cluster of mountains at the national park and the amazing moment is when the sun rises between the mountains and discover the landscape slowly, that’s really amazing moment. After sunrise at Penanjakan we will continue to explore Bromo to the crater of Bromo and then savannah and the last to the sea of sands, those are all the favourite spots you have to visit when you come to Bromo. We will finish exploring Bromo at 11.00 am then return back to the hotel. After rest and breakfast we will leave mount Bromo and continue our trip to Tanjung Papuma beach at Jember regency.

 04.00 pm : at Tanjung Papuma Beach – Jember

The trip from Bromo to Tanjung Papuma beach takes approximately 3 hours by overland national road, at 04.00 pm we will arrive at Papuma Beach, after rest for moment we will enjoy sunset moment and spend the time along the night in the Papuma beach, there are homestay in Papuma beach provided for visitors and we will overnight at that homestay.

 09.00 pm : Overnight in Papuma beach, free activities.

We can spend the night with barbecue at the beach and after that we rest.

Facilities : entrance tickets to Bromo, breakfast, launch, dinner, barbecue, entrance tickets to Papuma beach, barbecue.

 Day 5

05.00 am : at Tanjung Papuma beach – Jember

We can get up in the early morning, enjoy sunrise moment and then explore beach area before take breakfast.

 08.00 am : Trip to Alas Purwo National Park and G-Land Plengkung – Banyuwangi

After breakfast we will leave Tanjung Papuma beach at Jember and and continue the trip to Alas Purwo National Park at Banyuwangi regency, after driving about 4 hours we will arrive at the villages besides Alas Purwo National Park.

 12.00 am : Explore Alas Purwo National Park – Bedul Beach

There are many spots in the area of Alas Purwo National Park and Bedul beach is one of the beachs in the area of Alas Purwo National Park, when we arrive at the parking area we have to cross small strait with boat that is provided by the management of Alas Purwo National Park to enter the area of National Park. From Bedul beach we can rent becycle to track down small street inside forest to the area of turtle conservation called Ngagelan, here we can gather information about how the turtle conserved and release the turtles after hatch. In the afternoon we will return back to Bedul beach and bike along the shoreline between Ngagelan and Bedul beach, during tracking the beach we also can enjoy the moment of sunrise along the shoreline.

 08.00 pm : Overnight in homestay at Kendal Rejo village.

Of Bedul beach, we will back to Kendal Rejo village and overnight there.

Facilities : breakfast, launch, dinner, entrance ticket to Bedul Beach, boat tickets to cross the strait at Bedul beach, bicycle, home stay at Kendal Rejo village.

 Day 6

05.00 am : Going on second day to Explore Alas Purwo and G-Land Plengkung.

After breakfast we will continue to explore Alas Purwo National Park. Main gate of Alas Purwo National Park located at the area that is need 2 hours trip from Kendal Rejo village, and from this main gate we will explore Alas Purwo and visit many destinations inside.

  • Puri Luhur Giri Salaka, the holy temple of Hindu, located inside National Park.
  • Pancur, a beautiful beach inside National Park, located at the same shoreline with Bedul and Ngagelan beach.
  • Istana Cave, there are many caves inside Alas Purwo and Istana Cave is accessible cave among the others.
  • Plengkung Beach, is one of the best surfing beach destination in the world after Hawai at America, during it’s best season, Plengkung has big waves with a height of 7-8 meters at intervals of 2 km.
  • Sadengan, Natural savannah in the area of National Park and it is home for java bull, peacock, wild boar, deer and many others wild animals.

In the afternoon we will back to home stay in Kendal Rejo village, dinner and then rest and overnight.

Facilities : breakfast, launch, dinner, tickets to enter national park, special vehicle to get in Plengkung beach.

 Day 7

06.00 pm : Kendal Rejo village

After breakfast we will continue our trip to the city of Banyuwangi and then to hotel at slope of mount Ijen, while we stay in hotel we can enjoy a waterfall near by hotel. Moreover! We will spend the day for rest because hiking acitivities to Ijen Crater will starts at midnight.

Facilities : breakfast, launch, dinner, hotel at the slope of mount Ijen.

 Day 8

01.00 am : Explore Ijen Crater.

We will pack our bags before we leave hotel and go to Ijen Crater, we will not back again to the hotel after we finish exploring Ijen crater. We will start to explore Ijen Crater at midnight, Ijen temperature is cooler then Bromo, so you can prepare your self for this, use warm jackets and others hiking equipments that is protect you.

Ijen Crater is popular by it’s blue fire phenomenon, and we will watch directly this phenomenon, blue fire it’s self should expire before sunrise moment, so we have to be at the top of Crater before sun rises. Ijen Crater is wide crater of active volcano, the crater filled by sulfur that is contained strongest acid in the world. Every day the sulfur miner carry down sulfur to slope of Ijen and sell it to supplier company, we can discuss with them how do they work along the year.

After sun raised we will get down of Ijen Crater, take rest and breakfast at local restaurant and then we continue our trip to Baluran National Park at the border of Banyuwangi and Situbondo regency.

 12.00 am : Main gate of Baluran National Park

The trip from Ijen Crater to Baluran National Park should takes 3 hours, after we arrive to main gate of Baluran National Park we have to drive again about one hour to enter tourism area of National Park. Bekol and Bama is a main savannah in the area of National Park and it is home for many wild animals like deer, and java bull, we can watch their activities at this savannah. In the afternoon we will check in home stay in the area of Bama beach, enjoy sunset moment at that beach and overnight at home stay.

Facilities : breakfast, launch, dinner, entrance tickets for Baluran National Park, home stay at Bama beach.

 Day 9

05.00 am : Bama Beach

Wake up in early morning so we can enjoy sunrise at Bama Beach, after sun raised we will go to birds watching location and watch birds activities in savannah Bama. After breakfast we can swim in the beach and enjoy the underwater views of Bama beach. At 10.00 am we will leave Baluran National Park and continue the trip to white sands beach at Situbondo regency.

 01.00 pm : White sands beach – Situbondo

There are many activities we can enjoy at this beach, snorkeling, canoeing or just sunbathing on the beach, we will stay here until 04.00 pm in the afternoon and back to Surabaya and overnight in Surabaya.

 08.00 pm : Surabaya City

Arrive at Surabaya, we check in hotel and take rest after dinner.

Facilities : breakfast, launch, dinner, entrance tickets for white sands Situbondo, hotel at Surabaya.

 Day 10

07.00 am : Surabaya City Tour

Enjoy Surabaya and many interesting places entire Surabaya City, like submarine museum, Heroes monument, House of Sampoerna, Suramadu Beach and Surabaya culinary.

 03.00 pm : Finish Grand Tour of East Java

Those all the program of Grand Tour East Java.

Facilities :  breakfast, launch entrance tickets to all destinations of Surabaya City Tour

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  1. Tour Guide will be friend of you during the trip.
  2. Transportation during the trip with Air Conditioner.
  3. Driver.
  4. Welcome Drink.
  5. Eats 3 times everyday during the trip.
  6. Hotel for every night.
  7. All entrance tickets and admission.
  8. Special vehicle for some tour destination
  9. Local Guide if necessary
  10. Snorkeling Equipments

Participant’s Equipments

  1. Warm jackets, gloves, socks, and clothes.
  2. Masker to protect your breath from smell of sulfur.
  3. Personal medicine if necessary.
  4. Snacks.
  5. Trekking shoes.
  6. Identity Cards
  7. Camera
  8. Your personal needs and equipments.


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