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G-Land Plengkung

ombak pantai plengkung g land G Land Plengkung

For surfing sport hobbyist, they would be familiar with G-Land Plengkung, one of the beaches on the southern coast of Java, precisely in Banyuwangi, this beach has one of the best waves in the world for surfing sport, you do not need all the way come to Hawaii to be able to enjoy the best waves for surfing, Plengkung beach is enough, in his best season between the May through September, the waves on the shore could reach 6-8 m high and come in one after another as the series of 7 to 8 with a wave length could reach 2 kilometers, typical of such waves is what surfing hobbyist favored because it produces quite a long time to enjoy the roll of the waves, because the height of the waves, beginer surfers not recommended at this beach, only those who already a professional surfer can surf on this beach. However for those of you who are beginners can still surf at a location not far from the Plengkung beach, there is a place called tiger tracks, still in Plengkung coastline, on that beach the waves are not as high as in plengkung, novice surfers can act here.

There are 3 wave levels in plengkung, the first is the Kong Waves, the highest level, wave height at this level in the range of 6-8 meters, professional surfers always wanted this typical waves. Second, Speedis Waves with wave heights between 5-6 meters, and Third, Many Waves with a height of 3-4 meter, suitable for beginner surfers who want to train his surfing skills, because the height of the waves that come one after another,  Plengkung beach owned the label The Saven Giant Waves Wonder. However, to be able to enjoy the waves roll the surfers had to swim to the middle of the surfboard approximately 1 kilometer from the shore, tired of swimming with large distances will be paid off when surfers can slide in between the high tide of Plengkung waves.

Plengkung beach also has a G-Land designation for several reasons, first because it is taken from the name of the ¬†Grajakan gulf where plengkung beach located, “G” here means Grajakan, second “Green” because the beach location is in the Alas Purwo National Park, one of the oldest natural tropical forests in Java, are still maintained continuity to date, and thrid “Great” because the waves are great and the last because the shoreline of this area resembles the letter “G”.

Access road to the Plengkung beach is quite heavy, because it is located in the district Banyuwangi on the eastern of Java, we also should walk along Alas Purwo National Park, but do not need to worry, because transportation access is availabe to the point of the beach. Land access from the District. Jember or Banyuwangi district will pass Benculuk, from here there are motorcycles or cars that can be rented to Alas Purwo heading to a place called Pancur, the last location where private vehicles are prohibited from futher entering, from Pancur pickup transportation is provided that will take you directly to the Plengkung beach with rental cost about Rp. 200.000, -. Generally, surfers around the world come to plengkung from Bali by sea using special Speedboat.

And what about the lodging accommodations? In the coastal area, there are several surf camp facilitate the surfers who wanted to stay, but unfortunately is quite expensive for the local tourists, apparently this surf camp is more dedicated for foreign surfers and therefore transactions in these surf camps can using dollar currencies. Actually it would be more accommodating again if in the camp area is also provided for the local surfers for rent at affordable prices, to allow local surfers linger to enjoy the magnificent surf of Plengkung beach in his best seasons.

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