Greenbay Banyuwangi

Green Bay Beach Banyuwangi

Green bay beach Banyuwangi 1024x681 Green Bay Beach BanyuwangiGreen Bay is a part of Meru Betiri national park, this national park extended in two districts are Jember and Banyuwangi, but Green bay itself is located in Banyuwangi, it is located in remote area, only a 4WD car can access it, but the charm of this beach beats its remoteness, Green Bay beach has a very beautiful white sand, the waters are very clear like crystal looks green from a distance, that’s why this beach’s name called “Green Bay”. If you love to do an adventure and hope to find a hidden paradise with very beautiful atmosphere, this is a perfect place for you.

Indonesia is indeed notable with the longest coastline in the world. This is because Indonesia is an archipelago with 17.000 of the island. Keep it secret, the beach still deserted this save the sheen of beauty that will make vacation is different.

Green Bay shore excursion Banyuwangi has sea water green. This is due to of algae in the water which reflects the green color on the surface of seawater. In addition, Gulf Coast Green in Banyuwangi has white sand with a soft texture, so this place is perfect for you who like to play sand.

Another charm which you can enjoy is the eight-meter-high waterfall is located near the beach. The Jingle sound of the water and the waves are fused, will make you more and relax and fresh again.

Where can you find Green Bay Beach in Banyuwangi?

The beach is located in the village of Sarongan, district Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi, East Java. This beach is located south of the town of Banyuwangi or about ninety kilometers.

Gulf Coast Green Banyuwangi layout that really still hidden, making Green Bay coastal route Banyuwangi is difficult and requires extra patience traversed and challenge that should be skipped. You must pass a footpath, passes through the forest with large trees, and ride down the Hill. Not yet arrived at the site, you will be taken to the beach first. However, the location you are at the moment it is not Green Bay Beach. But the beach rock. There are a lot of rocks along its shores, both large and small.

On a few decades ago, before the tsunami, the beach actually also has white sand. But after the tsunami, the stones released to meet the shore. According to research, the rock comes from the sea floor. Well, the location of Pantai Green Bay from the beach is only three hundred meters. You still have to pass the rock reef in front of you.

When you see two big corals such as the gate to the sea, then, comes the paradise hidden away in Banyuwangi, Pantai Green Bay. You will be amazed at the aquarium is open one belonging to God on this one.
The second alternative is the path you follow one direction the Sukamade. Typically, the visitors just a stopover while near the Gulf Coast. Not at the edge of the world-famous, yeah, but rather be behind Green Bay Beach. Well, you could set off together with the groups of the Sukamade coast. You get off at stops and then walk to Green Bay.

The path that must be taken during a walk of approximately three kilometers. You will pass through the roads and rolling hills estates up and down. You can just hire a taxi or motorbike. However, it can only reach one kilometer towards the future. Next, you have to keep running away. Until the end of the hill, you will arrive at the beach rock. You can take a break at the beach before continuing the journey. The last route that must be taken to achieve the Green Bay was approximately three hundred meters.

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