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Explore Trip Waterfall Madakaripura – Bromo and Ranu Kumbolo 3D2N


We provide the example of the itinerary, to make you easier to imagine how to reach the legendary place.  The time is most important in our view, we hope by providing the itinerary will help you arrange your tour.

Day 1 – Madakaripura Waterfall

Air terjun madakaripura 300x170 Explore Trip Waterfall Madakaripura – Bromo and Ranu Kumbolo 3D2NWe will pick up you at the morning for the first day from Surabaya, then we will drive to the Madakaripura waterfall at the foot of Mount Bromo, we will have lunch at a local restaurant on the way to the waterfall, after approximately 3 hours drive, we will arrive at the location. To reach the waterfall we still have to walk about 30 minutes along the edge of the river and sometimes cross it. Madakaripura is a legendary waterfall, according to history, this waterfall is a meditation place of Prime minister Gajah Mada from Majapahit when he was exiled because of his mistake on Bubat tragedy. In addition to the legend of this waterfall is also it’s magnificent and charming, lined up five waterfalls in a single location and the largest one has a height of 250 m. Late in the afternoon we will leave Madakaripura waterfalls and drive to Ngadisari village at the foot of Mount Bromo and overnight at the hotel, dinner will be served at the hotel, then free and break.

Day 2 – Explore Bromo

landscape bromo in moarning 300x93 Explore Trip Waterfall Madakaripura – Bromo and Ranu Kumbolo 3D2NExplore Bromo will start at 02.00 am to visit interesting spots in Mount Bromo using off road vehicles (4WD) called hardtop, the first spot we will visit is Penanjakan, this is the best place to enjoy sunrise of Bromo and moutain landscape in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, after enjoying Bromo sunrise in Penanjakan we will get down to the sea of sand (Whispering sand) a sub-Sahara in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNTBS), and the last spot that we will visit is Savanna or popularly known as Teletubbies Hill because its shape resembles a series of movie on the Teletubbies cartoons on TV.

From here explore Bromo has been completed, and  still with the off-road vehicle we drive to Ranu Pane, the last village at the foot of Mount Semeru and a first ascent post, the post is also a final boundary where vehicles are not able to go up higher, at approximately 11.00 am after the administration of the licensing we will start trekking to Ranu Kumbolo, after about 4-5 hours of trekking we will arrive in Ranu Kumbolo, then we will build a tent and setting up the fireplace. Because of its location in the valley, Ranu Kumbolo’s temperatures at night are really very cool and can reach 3-5 Celsius degree, warm clothing is needed here.

 Day 3 – Trekking Ranu Kumbolo

Ranu Kumbolo Semeru 300x137 Explore Trip Waterfall Madakaripura – Bromo and Ranu Kumbolo 3D2NOne of the most awaited moment by the climbers in Ranu Kumbolo is its amazing sunrise when the sun rises and gives life to the earth, Ranu Kumbolo reflects the light beam on the surface and provides the exciting feel of the surrounding nature. Furthermore, we can explore the area around Ranu Kumbolo and enjoy the scenery, approximately at 10.00 am after breakfast we will descend to Ranu Pane, we will have lunch there. After lunch still using off-road vehicles, we will get back to Bromo to the transit location at the foot of Mount Bromo, at 04.00 pm after bathing and rest we’ll get back to Surabaya, we expected to arrive in Surabaya at 07.00 pm, next is separation.


  1. Tour Guide
  2. Transportation during the trip.
  3. Driver
  4. Hotel in for 1 night
  5. Off-road Vehicle (Hardtop) to explore Bromo and carry us to Ranu Pane.
  6. Camping Tent
  7. Sleeping Bag
  8. Meals during the trip include the stock during camping at Ranu Kumbolo.
  9. All entrance tickets and administration cost.
  10. Porter to guide us to Ranu Pane and bring up our stocks and camping pieces of equipment.
  11. First aid medicine pieces of equipment.


  1. Air port tax
  2. Personal expenses
  3. Administration cost for personal equipment like Camera and Handycame in Ranu Pane.
  4. Travel Insurance
  5. Documentation

Participant’s Equipment

  1. Warm Clothes to protect the body and head
  2. Trekking shoes.
  3. Clothing.
  4. Identity Card
  5. Personal medicine.
  6. Flash Light.
  7. Camera or Handycame


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