Trip and Tour to Bromo with Keliling Nusantara

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Bromo is a natural tourist magnet of East Java, along the year Bromo is always crowded by visitors, Bromo was never lonely, because it is indeed feasible if Bromo has a label interansional tourist destination in East Java, domestic and foreign tourists seemed never tired of coming to visit Bromo.

What really makes Bromo so interesting to visit?

7764319198 e07495b21c Trip and Tour to Bromo with Keliling NusantaraBromo is located in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, the park stretches covering several districts in East Java, among others, Probolinggo, Malang, Lumajang and Pasuruan, the park itself has several mountains such as Mount Bromo itself, Mount Batok is located in the central sea of sands and Mount Semeru, one of the highest peaks of Java. Additionally Bromo area itself is unique, inside it we can find such a vast expanse of sand stretches surrounded by hills, similar to a small desert area on one side, and on the other side we could find savanna covered hills layered and not too high, people used to call it the hill of teletubis because it is almost like the picture of the hills where teletubis play in the cartoon movie series. The blend of mountains views, deserts and savannahs bromo indeed make such a unique area, and for those of you who’ve been there, the experience may be an unusual experience, one of the travelers who visited bromo comments, a mother who has lived, we met when have finished enjoying the sunrise of bromo, the mother say “Hmm .. The Almighty Creator who has created mountains layered, I had never seen such a sight before “.

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There is one place called Penanjakan in Bromo, this place used to enjoy the sunrise from the heights, here we not only can enjoy the famous Bromo sunrise, but also what makes it so special is because Bromo sunrise appear behind the mountains, when the sun rays begin to appear reddish, slowly he illuminated the dark night and then reveal a layer of mountains in the middle of the desert to show it’s robustness to the universe, then immediately the tourists busy immortalize the moment with their cameras, we can enjoy the view and all those moment from high place, we could see the desert of Bromo along the eye could see and be in a parallel position to the heights of the mountains are layered in front of the eyes, if you’re not carrying a camera, You can still perpetuate the experience in the memory and you’re going to say how great the Creator has created this universe.

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Try to get closer and stepped down directly to desert of Bromo,  people used to call it by the name of sea of sands , in this sea of sand we could see Mount Batok is located in the middle of the desert much closer, then step down at the sea of sands, and take a look around, it seem  that sea of sands  surrounded by high cliffs protecting it from the outside world, if at Penanjakan you can see objects from a height just like sea of sands as small desert miniature, now you have to be in the midst of a sea of sand and you were only a very small part inside it.

Do not imagine you really are in the middle of the African desert, in a sea of sand we could find a lot of local people who sell drinks and snacks, we stay thirsty just buy a drinks from vendors around, and do not litter, because we want our environment stay sustainable and clean! Because Bromo is always crowded by visitors there are a lot of street vendors selling there, in the parking area of Jeep hardtop that took us into the sea of sand. Tour to Bromo is not heavy because of public facilities can be found, even in the midst of a sea of sand, including public toilets, access to explore the bromo also easy as there are jeeps and horses can be hired, we only took a day to explore the most favorite destinations in Bromo, no more, except we want to stay longer there or we are going to continue to climb mount Semeru, it will take at least 5 days in normal, fresh physical and enough stock, just a suggestion, use local community resources then we also has participated to help their economy life.

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If you hire a jeep to explore Bromo, ask the driver to take you to the savanna of bromo or Teletubbis hill, it will complement your experience in Bromo, not merely as the mountains and deserts, but also as a green savanna. Throughout we have to bromo, savanna is actually the best place to capture our photos, it’s landscape are very cool, very suitable if you want a prewedding photos.

A Places mentioned above are representing Bromo area with all the views and lives of the people, do not miss these places if you visit Bromo.

How to get to Bromo?

To reach Bromo, there are two common routes that can be used, Malang route via Tumpang and Probolinggo route, two routes are equally able to be reached by jeep hardtop. there are two part of probolinggo route, Tongas access and the other one pass through the Probolinggo bus terminal. Of route probolinggo, public transportation can reach up to the slopes of Mount Bromo in the Tengger tribe village, Tengger peole live in three villages named Sukapura, Cemoro Lawang and Ngadisari, of these villages we could rent a Jeep Hardtop for later at dawn we could exploring Bromo area. In these villages there are many hotels, inns and villas, the price varies from Rp. 100.000, – pernight to above one million. Road access of this route is fairly nice and wide, through this route we can come to Bromo from Surabaya for about 3-hours, from this route also we will pass the famous Madakaripura Waterfall as the hermitage of Gajahmada Prime minister of Majapahit, spare your time to stop by The Waterfall, it’s view very cool with fresh air, to achieve it we will be trekk along the banks of the river and and crossing of the river, when we arrive at the location of the waterfall we will see five waterfalls lined covered with high cliffs and make surrounding area like a cave, Under the biggest waterfalls we would see 6-7 meter deep pool and we could swim in it.

Malang route different from Probolinggo, we can hire Jeep hardtop from Tumpang, and we will drive for 3 hours to reach Bromo area, of this route we will pass Coban Pelangi Waterfall, spare your time to come to this waterfall when you visit Bromo from Malang. Of the two routes, Bromo visitors use Probolinggo route more then Malang route for the good access road and facilities that are more complete and organized.

Information and Tips

  • In Bromo there are many brokers that will offer Jeep rental services, they usually take the difference cost to their advantage, arrange the cost if you want to rent a jeep, the price range of approximately IDR. 600.000, – to four destinations in Bromo and IDR. 500.000, – for 2 destinations, the same thing applies to inn and hotel lodging.
  • The horse owner at Bromo usually open rental rates over one hundred thousand, do not be in a hurry, you can rent up to the normal rate of Rp. 100.000, –
  • Buy souvenirs that are offered by the local community, there are many souvenir itinerant traders who will offer it to you in addition to the food and beverage vendors.
  • Best time to visit Bromo is the dry season, although in the rainy season Bromo remains special and interesting to visit because it’s savanna so verdant plus cloud background in the sky are very amazing.

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