Sunrise Bromo

10440601213 8d85544c4d o Sunrise BromoThere is not enough of people visiting Bromo, like domestic or foreign tourists, they even had a few times, Bromo such has a magnet in their hearts that will always make them come again, it’s no wonder Bromo is always crowded by visitors, especially if the weekend, the market may still lose crowded compared to the Bromo visitors, so it is the Bromo magnetism makes them want to always come and come again.

One of the most visited place in Bromo and maybe this place is the appeal, is enjoying the sunrise of Bromo at Penanjakan, this is the perfect place to watch the magic of sunrise Bromo and also the best place to enjoy the landscape area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park which has some mountains, clear away all your eyes can see, Semeru, the highest mountain in Java, authoritative look majestic from a distance, you can see it from Penanjakan. For me, it is not merely sensational Bromo sunrise, but a combination of Bromo landscape and the moment the sun appeared behind the mountain itself that makes the moment of sunrise so special at Bromo, you may enjoy the sunrise on the best places in the world, but it has not complete if you do not enjoy it at Bromo.

Best Moment in Bromo sunrise is when the sea of ​​sand in a white mist cover on it and the weather was sunny, if so, I think we can look directly at the such as a country above the clouds, high cliffs sea of ​​sand that is limiting residential areas and hotels looks from a distance like floating on a cloud, like a picture of the heavens, you’re not as in this mortal world.

There are two Penanjakan in Bromo, One and Two, the first is higher than the second, because of it’s high, a mountains view become more clearly visible, but the first Penanjakan  has a futher distance than the second. Why there are two Penanjakan in Bromo? Bromo is a bustling tourist destination throughout the season, and first Penanjakan is not enough to accommodate visitors, therefore if the first Penanjakan is too busy, then you can visit the second.

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