Snorkeling di Pualau Sepa

Sepa Island – Thousand Islands

Snorkeling di Pualau Sepa 300x199 Sepa Island   Thousand IslandsThe island can be reached about 2 hours voyage from Marina Ancol. Although the journey is quite long, but it certainly will not make you bored. Lots of beautiful scenery that you can enjoy during the trip. Sepa Island Marina-route will pass through several other islands in the Thousand Islands. Normally, the ship will transport tourists who want to visit these islands.

Sepa Island has a reputation of “The Paradise for Diver in Jakarta”, because it does have some cool spots to dive, underwater natural so special, water is very clear, clearly visible from the surface of the underwater beauty, if you do not have a license to dive , snorkeling in the waters of the island is equally exciting.

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