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3 the Best Things You can Do in Jakarta, Completley Different from Others

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Are you planning for a holiday to the island city of Indonesia? There are certain important facts that you should know before packing your bag and heading to the destination.

Indonesia is a beautiful archipelago that comprises approx. 17,508 islands. Jakarta is the capital city situated on the island of Java. Being the largest city in Indonesia, it is frequented by travelers all around the year to witness the Java Island, which is the most populous island in the world.

A travel package to Jakarta city means a retreat to the expansive city that carries a flavor of modern and traditional culture in apt proportions. While on a holiday package to Jakarta, you can do innumerable things.

We have put together the top 3 must do things so that you are set for an exciting holiday to ‘The Big Durian’ called Jakarta.

List of things to do in Jakarta

1. Visit the Istiqlal Mosque

The Istiqlal Mosque is the fourth biggest one in the world and definitely, a must visit location if you are traveling to Jakarta.

Build in the 1960s, this mosque is located right in the central Jakarta and can hold 250,000 worshippers at a time. When visiting this sacred place, ensure to follow the right dress code.

2. Enjoy the colorful nightlife

Jakarta buzzes with a colorful nightlife as the sunsets. You can head to the numerous clubs and bars located here. Eco bar and Kemang are two places where you can catch the pulse of nightlife in Jakarta within a budget.

If you want to enjoy good food and party hard, then Jalan Jaksa is the ideal place for a vibrant night escapade.

3. Collect antiques from Jalan Surabaya

Your Tour Package to Jakarta is incomplete without a visit to this wonderful, open-air antique market, Jalan Surabaya. Quite accessible from any part of Jakarta, you can explore this place abuzz with stalls that sell souvenirs, crafts, and other exotic antiques.

Make sure you bargain before making any purchase and ensure that you buy only the old antique and not some replica.

Indonesia is a beautiful country and home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites as of 2013. Tourism is one of the key attractions of Indonesia.

While on a holiday to Jakarta, do not forget to explore the delicious Indonesian cuisine, its flora fauna, and its culture. Plan your Jakarta Tour Package such that you get the time to visit the famous locations in Jakarta.

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