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Boasting a wide range of attractions, Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital city and some activities you can while in the city. This vibrant city is home to the largest mosque in the whole of Indonesia as well as a large number of other temples and interesting buildings. Visitors to Indonesia are sure to find plenty to keep them amused for several days, from museums to picturesque parks and beautiful buildings, and the diverse range of attractions in Jakarta entice visitors back to the city time and time again. What follows is just a small selection of the many amazing attractions that wait to be discovered by visitors to Jakarta.

Places of worship:

Istiqlal Mosque

Also known as the Masjid Istiqlal, most visitors to the city should be able to walk to the Istiqlal Mosque from their hotel Jakarta as this magnificent mosque occupies a prime position in the city square of Lapangan Banteng. This is believed by many people to be the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia and the Istiqlal Mosque is an important pilgrimage city for Muslims from Indonesia and all over the world.

Natural Attractions:

Ragunan Zoo

Housing an impressive collection of around 3,600 species of animals, the Ragunan Zoo is often acclaimed as one of the best zoos in Indonesia. Located just to the south of the city, the main attraction here is the Komodo dragon exhibit, while people also travel from far and while to gaze at orang-utans, gorillas and a whole host of animals.


Lapangan Banteng

Featuring a magnificent number of colonial buildings, many visitors will be able to walk to this airy city square from their Jakarta hotel as Lapangan Banteng can be found in the very heart of the city. This pretty city square was originally named the Welvereden by the Dutch and many of the magnificent buildings that surround the Lapangan Banteng date back to the 19th century and are open to the public.

Jakarta History Museum

Situated in a buildings dating back nearly 400 years that was originally used by the Dutch East Indies Company, the Jakarta History Museum houses a large collection of exhibits dating back to the 16th century. Once serving as a military barracks and offices, this interesting building was constructed in the 17th century and a large number of important documents such as maps and contract can be found here as well as antiques and other items.

The Wayang Museum

Also known as the Puppet Museum, visitors to the Wayang Museum will be greeted by a large collection of traditional leather puppets. Known as wayang kulit, these leather puppets are created using techniques that have been passed down for several generations and visitors to the Wayang Museum can watch demonstrations on how the puppets are made as well as regular puppet shows here.

National Monument

Housing National History Museum at its base, the National Monument is a tribute to Indonesia’s independence. Measuring a mighty 137 meters, this monument is located in the very heart of Merdeka Square. Visitors with an interest in history will want to take particular note of the dioramas around the base, which depict the dramatic tale of Indonesia’s history while climbing to the top of the National Monument offers stunning city views.

Other attractions:

Ancol Dreamland

Featuring a large number of different theme parks, Ancol Dreamland is the perfect place to entertain kids and take a break from sightseeing. One of the main attractions here is Seaworld, which contains the largest aquarium in the whole of Southeast Asia, while Dunia Fantasi always brings in the crowds.


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