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Rafting Adventure Package Program at Citarik River – Sukabumi – West Java

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For those who are familiar with outdoor activities certainly know what it’s rafting adventure. Yes! Rafting is a challenging activity and race the adrenaline, but not only that, this activity also gives the impression of recreation as it is located on a river in the area of ​​the mountains, green nature is always making us more relaxed and calm. When crossing the mighty rapids, we also can scream loud, of course it helps us to put down a lot of burden on our mind, other than that we also will train fellow team coordination so we do not fall while passing through the rapids. Psychologically rafting is a good activity for a short break from the endless routine office activities.

In addition to the good psychological benefits, rafting adventure as outdoor activities will help us to train our muscles again to make it more powerful, it may feel pain when you first paddle for many times, but we need it to make the body, muscles and joints are not stiff.

Because of the benefits in terms of both physically and psychologically, rafting is in great demand as an outdoor activity by family group and corporations who want to get a refresher on the company’s employees. Not surprisingly, rafting currently so very popular and became one of the main outdoor activities, are no exception for citizens of the capital of Jakarta and surrounding areas.

For families or companies those want to break for a while and want challenging and valuable recreational activities, lets join us together to experience rafting adventure and to explore Citarik river in Sukabumi – West Java to race the  adrenaline. Below we offer the option of rafting activities, you can select them as needed 

Full Rafting Adventure

We will explore nature through the river, it is a very adrenaline activities, where you will be challenged to conquer the rapids that will throw you up and down for along 17 km on Citarik river for approximately 5 hours.

Scenic Fun Rafting

Rafting adventure fun activities, we will navigate the river with rapids class II to III while enjoying the stunning natural view along approximately 5 km with a duration of approximately 1 hour rafting.

Two Hours Rafting Adventure

One hour may not be enough for you, we will explore further Citari river, conquering its rapids for along 9 km for about 2 hours.

Corporate Rafting Plus

For about 3 hours we will explore and conquer the repids of Citarik river for along 9 km combined with games on the river. This will train your team in collaboration while they enjoy the game.

Exclusive Rafting Adventure

This program is suitable for challenging entertainment, we will navigate the river with the best rapids Citarik for along 13 km for about 3 hours, with additional BBQ in Pelabuhan Ratu beach.

Night Rafting Adventure

One of a very challenging activity, probably you will never forget it, wading through Citarik rivers on the full moon night. We will navigate the best rapids on the river for about 2 hours along the 5 km.

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