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Rafting Adventure at Citarik River – Sukabumi – West Java

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Citarik is the name of the river, located in the sub district Cikadang of Sukabumi regency, this river has a popularity as the best rafting in West Java, in addition to the discharge of water large enough, the condition of the water is quite clean, and relatively stable throughout the year. Rapids and rocks in the Citarik river also quite challenging, with difficulty levels ranging from class III to class IV, is enough to get your adrenaline racing faster. In addition to the rafting adventure, there is unspoiled and exotic natural scenery around the river. You’ll not only race your adrenaline, but at the same time enjoy the natural beauty along the River.

There are several Rafting Adventure operators who build their business on Citarik river, due to its location which is not too far from the capital city of Jakarta, the river became rafting adventure destination for citizens of the capital to spend time with adrenaline activities, including in this case is the corporations that use their services for outbound activities for their employees.

Citarik river can be reached from Jakarta about 3-4 hours depending on traffic conditions, road access to the location is quite good, fairly wide road although winding through valleys, villages and resident plantation. In addition to easy access, this area also has good accommodation, like lodging, restaurant, stores that sell souvenirs and snacks of course. Rafting activities Variations offered by the operators here are also diverse, we can adjust to the physical capabilities and our financially.

Besides rafting adventure as the main activity, in Citarik, the operator also provides an option of outbound activities, such as paintball, flying fox, camping and off-road, you can select it to relax yourself from the monotonous routine of city activities.

Tips to join Rafting Adventure

  1. Bring enough change of clothes, because you will definitely get wet.
  2. Prepare a warm jacket, this will help you to quickly warm the body, especially when the location of the river is located in the mountains with cold temperatures.
  3. Come to the rafting site as a group, because rafting operators usually apply a minimum quota for each trip.
  4. Come at the right season, ask the operator when the best season for rafting adventure.
  5. Don’t forget to adhere the operator instruction regarding to the safety standard, this will make your party save and comfortable for the operator.

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