Kolam Pemandian air hangat di Cangar

Relaxing in Cangar

Cangar Hot Spring

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Kolam Air Panas Cangar

Batu – Batu City is an abundance of tourist destinations, beautiful diverse places of tourist rides can be found in this city, of which is completely natural and and provide natural overlooks mountains and green rice fields to artificial tourist rides, you can get it here .

This time we will discuss the hot springs “Cangar”, situated in the village Telungrejo Bumiaji, Batu – Malang, approximately one hour from the down town of Batu. Along the way to the bathing pool we are offered so enchanting natural scenery, farmland and residents plantation which is looks green from a distance, in the terracing model, there are also forests, steep streets winding and uphill typical mountain path, so prudence is very important for riders who want to visit here.

Cangar perhaps it could be called a tourism area, because there are many destinations here, warm and hot water baths instead of single destinastion here, there is also a waterfall Coban Talun, outobound location, camp ground, research forest and of course a dazzling landscapes.

Upon arrival in Cangar feel free to soak in the warm water pool, we can relax here, flexing muscles stiff, warm water containing sulfur can cure various skin diseases, just take soak half hour to an hour, after that you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of nature while enjoying local dishes appetizing.

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Pemandangan alam Cangar

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Alam pegunungan Cangar

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