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Klayar Beach on Pacitan – East Java

tours at klayar beach Klayar Beach on Pacitan   East Java
Klayar beach is one beach which is located in the district Pacitan (East Java), precisely in the district Donorojo. The beach is still beautiful because it has not been visited by many tourists.
In Klayar you can enjoy the attractive scenery. On the west side, you can ride up the hill to see the views towards the open sea or coastal scenery around Klayar. On the east side you can go up to the rock. In this place there is a sort of fountain from the rock hole blows of the waves that hit the southern coast.
The effects of a blow pipe on the beach produces a spray of water as high as tens of meters which followed the sound of screeching. Bursts like a geyser. It happens periodically. The phenomenon was caused by the suppression of sea water and the air trapped inside the channel along the cracks of rocks by the waves.
warawiriwisata air mancur pantai klayaran Klayar Beach on Pacitan   East Java
Typical Klayar beach is a beach that can be enjoyed from the scenery and atmosphere, not the typical beach suitable for swimming. If you’re happy with the photography, the beach is suitable for immortalized in the camera.
Klayar coast of Yogyakarta distance of approximately about 110 km, the route Jl. Wonosari – Pathuk – Wonosari – Pracimantoro – Giritontro taken in about three hours. Given Klayar beach has not been traversed by public transport, then to the location you have to use private vehicles such as motorcycles or cars.
Among several other beaches in Pacitan, in my opinion Klayar coast is the most attractive coastal scenery. You are fond of beaches is guaranteed not regret visiting this beach 🙂
Overview of the beach Klayar Pacitan:
* There is no accommodation
* There have been several food stalls serving meatballs, and chicken noodle soup
* To go to the beach Pacitan charged at around Rp 6,000, – (one motorcycle plus two people)
* There is no public transportation to the beach Klayar.
pantai Klayar Pacitan Klayar Beach on Pacitan   East Java
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