Sunset di Tanjung Layar - Sawarna

Explore Sawarna Village 3D2N

Sunset di Tanjung Layar Sawarna Explore Sawarna Village 3D2N

Short Review

Sawarna has a beautiful landscape overlooking the Indian Ocean. White sandy beaches, clear blue watery like crystals and green hilly visible from a distance. Coastline to 65 km of white sand decorated and large rocks. This beach is the most beautiful beach of the five beaches owned by the province of Banten.

Sawarna actually the name of a village in Banten which has a very beautiful beach, located right on the south coast of Java, bordering the Indian Ocean, in addition to very beautiful beaches, Sawarna also have a wide variety of interesting attractions to visit such as rivers, forests, rock climbing, caves, and agro tourism. This beautiful coastal region fused with the mystical story of Nyai Roro Kidul, according to Javanese mythology Nyai Roro Kidul is the ruler of the southern ocean and the exploitation of coal in Bayah and Lebak by foreign invaders. But definitely Sawarna beach became one of the seven categories of ” The Hidden Paradise ” in Indonesian according to On the Spot Trans 7.

Many tourists who do not know yet the beaches in the Sawarna village, but this beach has a charm that is very interesting. Sawarna presents a sloping beach with white sand, along the coast, there is a large giant rock but graceful, commonly called “Tanjung Layar”. We can also snorkel to enjoy greet variety of ornamental fish and coral reefs, find natural beauty in Ciantir beach, Tanjung Layar beach, Karang Bokor beach, Karang Seupang beach, Karang Teraje beach, and Teluk Lagon Pari beach.

Some caves around beach adds to the attraction of this beach, many caves with various sizes can be found in this area such as : Lalay cave, Sikadir cave, Cimaul cave, Singalong cave, and Bukit Pasir Tangkil. These caves categorized as limestone caves formed from the early Miocene.

Sawarna area surrounded by sea, mountains and rice fields, which is the main attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. For surfing lover, Sawarna Beach is a good place, a lot of foreign travelers come to surf and ride the waves here.

We present a travel package to Sawarna, explore the area and enjoy the natural beauty and beaches. For those of you who love new places to explore or for those who want to spend a weekend for traveling, Sawarna is a good place to wind off, slow down and relaxation from monotone routine daily activities.


Day 1 – Jakarta – Sawarna

This tour program will start at exactly 22.00pm on the evening, after introduction, we will leave Jakarta heading toward Sawarna village. Over night trips are advised to avoid traffic jams.

Day 2 – Sawarna Village (B|L|D)

We will arrive at Sawarna village in the morning, then check in at the lodge and breakfast, you will have enough time to break before we start exploring the village and visit it’s interesting spots. First we will visit Lalay cave located around rice fields, we will have enough time to enjoy the beauty of this cave. Then we will go to the Ciantir beach  and play freely on its shores, before mid day we will return to the lodge for lunch and breaks.

In the afternoon we will visit Tanjung Layar beach and enjoy its beauty, on the beach we will also enjoy a dazzling sunset. Before late evening we will return to the inn and rest, dinner will be served in the inn, then free time and rest.

Day 3 – Sawarna – Jakarta (B)

In the morning we will do trekking to visit Legon Pari beach, a very beautiful beach with white sand, it is safe to swim, to go to that location we will walk for 45 minutes. after quite content to enjoy the beauty of this beach we would go back to the lodge for breakfast. Furthermore, check out and preparing to return to Jakarta. We will arrive in Jakarta before evening and end the tour program.

Services Included

  1. Tour Guide
  2. Transportation during tour
  3. Accommodation for one night at Sawarna village (1 room / 4 persons)
  4. Meals 4x as mentioned on itinerary
  5. Admission

Service Not Included

  1. Tips for Guide.
  2. Personal expenses
  3. Travel insurances
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