Cimaja Point - Pelabuhan Ratu

West Java Surf Spots Cimaja – Pelabuhan Ratu, Turtles – Ujung Genteng and Sawarna

Best Wave Cimaja West Java Surf Spots Cimaja   Pelabuhan Ratu, Turtles   Ujung Genteng and Sawarna

Cimaja Point – Pelabuhan Ratu

Pelabuhan Ratu

Pelabuhan Ratu is located in the southern part of West Java, precisely in Sukabumi District, the region directly opposite the southern coast of Java or the Indian Ocean, a fertile agricultural region combined with fishing villages, the majority of the population are Sundanese, so they call themselves, their language and birth of land, but as a popular tourist destination, in this area there are many temporary migrants who stay for a vacation.

Pelabuhan Ratu is easily accessible from Jakarta or Bandung, one of his regular public transport are buses departing from Jakarta or Bogor, about 6-7 hours from Jakarta, 3-4 hours from Bogor accoring to the traffic density conditions. If using a private vehicle, you can save at least an hour faster.

We strongly recommend you to use the services of chartered vehicles from Jakarta or Bandung to help you bring surfing gears that would be very inconvenient if you are using a public bus.

Among the surf spots in West Java, Pelabuhan Ratu have a much more complete accommodation compared to other places, with diverse variations hotel with relatively cheap rates, you can select them according to your budget.

The combination of surf spots around, the accommodations were adequate and easily accessible location, making Pelabuhan Ratu favorite surfing destination for tourists and expatriates those are living in Jakarta or Bandung.

Season and Weather

Pelabuhan Ratu and surrounding areas, as most of the Indonesian region has two main seasons, the first dry season usually lasts from October to May and the rest of December to April is the rainy season, rainfall is quite heavy usually occurs in the afternoon, sometimes in the morning days, but in January to February rains can last all day.

The SE Trade winds typically lasts between 11 am to 4 pm, so the best time to surf is in the morning or in the afternoon. Temperatures in the dry season ranged between 230C at night – 340C in the midday, while in the rainy season ranged between 270C – 300C with high humidity levels.

Cimaja Pelabuhan Ratu 300x200 West Java Surf Spots Cimaja   Pelabuhan Ratu, Turtles   Ujung Genteng and SawarnaSurfing in Cimaja – Pelabuhan Ratu

Nowadays Cimaja – Pelabuhan Ratu is a popular surfing destination in the world, and is one of the best contributors to Indonesian surfing athletes, in addition to easy accessibility, this region is also growing rapidly in terms of infrastructure, is what makes this area a favorite, other than the fact that he consistently produce waves reaching an average of 5-7 ft, in his best season Cimaja waves can reach 10-12 ft.

Cimaja can be reached by walk from the main road about 300 meters past the rice fields and coconut trees.


indicators 300x200 West Java Surf Spots Cimaja   Pelabuhan Ratu, Turtles   Ujung Genteng and Sawarna

Indicator point – Pelabuhan Ratu

  • Indicator Point :  It has a shallow coral bottom, which works well with heavy swell 7 ft +  and a high tide. It’s a long wall with a constant tube that shuts down after a 150 – 200 m down the line drive. If you want a speedy workable wave you’ll find it here when the conditions are right.


  • Karang Papak : This is a surf spot a fun wave, which is good when Cimaja and Indicators are crowded or closing out and good when small swell coming and the tide is high tide.


  • Karang Hawu : About 15 minutes drive to the west of Cimaja, has both of waves directions, good for beginner surfer, this beach also haves Surf School (Indonesia Surfing Republic)


  • Karang Aji : It is a clean wave, which wraps around a large rock, then goes between two large rocks about 60+ m apart this wave can give fun rides up to 100 m.


  • Cikembang Is an everchanging sand and rock bottom righthander. When the big swell from S or SW come, so it will be good for this place, which will hits the outskirts of the reef from the reef point to the end shore break at the beach until about 150m long. The waves here are mellow and the power is not so strong, it’s very good and suitable for longboarder and beginner surfer, but do not rule out the possibility for experienced surfer to ride this waves or the place next door it is the Cikembang indicator. The car is very hard to get close to the point (except if we bring a high car). Usually we walk down from the car park to the spot and it will take about 20 minutes.



  • Noname Screet point : The Secret Point “Noname” This reef break about 80m long  bareling left hander and not allow without local surf guide this is special spot  for local sufer, the blue clear water and white sandy beaches one of favorite spot which is only reah by boat to this spot. This is the spot that the local surfer escape from the crow, have to be careful when it’s low tide. Intermediate to advance surfer.

Surfing in Sawarna

sawarna 300x200 West Java Surf Spots Cimaja   Pelabuhan Ratu, Turtles   Ujung Genteng and Sawarna

Sawarna waves

Sawarna is a rural area with lots of rice farmland cultivated by local inhabitants, administratively entered the area of Banten province, located approximately 1.5 hours drive to the west of Pelabuhan Ratu.

In addition to its popularity as a surfing destination, Sawarna also become one of the favorite tourist destinations, beautiful beaches can not be doubted, combining natural shades of green and the beaches are clean and beautiful.

Accommodation can also easily be found in the region with a very affordable price, as a surfing destination, Sawarna has a reputation that can not be doubted. He has a solid waves with heights reaching 10ft.

If Cimaja was not fun because the waves are small, so you can move to Sawarna which have a more consistent and stable waves.

Surfing in Ujung Genteng

Ombak Tujuh O7 Saven Waves Ujung Genteng 300x200 West Java Surf Spots Cimaja   Pelabuhan Ratu, Turtles   Ujung Genteng and Sawarna

Ombak 7 – Ujung Genteng

Ujung Genteng is approximately 2-3 hours drive from Pelabuhan Ratu eastwards, he was still part of Sukabumi, this region also has developed the infrastructure, we can easily find accommodation with a variety of diverse rates and facilities.

Lately Ujung Genteng is also become a favorite tourist destination for domestic and international tourists because of its beautiful beaches. His reputation as a surfing destination’ve no doubt, he has a pretty popular surf spot, among others:

Ombak Tujun – O7

Ombak Tujuh  O7 Surf spot Ombak Tujuh translates as Seven Waves and is definitely the big wave surf spot, capable of holding swells up to 20ft (7m).

The coral ledge protrudes into deep water, forcing the waves to jack up suddenly, making for elevator drops, right by the cliffs. Big wave experts only as the power and deepwater hold downs are serious, keeping crowds thin on big days. Needs a big swell to perform and longer pintails are a good idea.

Turtles Point 300x155 West Java Surf Spots Cimaja   Pelabuhan Ratu, Turtles   Ujung Genteng and Sawarna

Turtles Point – Ujung Genteng

Turtles Point

Only a 15 minute walk from your accommodation. Turtles point barreling left hander can get insane, best at low tide but gets shallow longest barrels up here works from 2 to solid 6 foot and depending on the swell and winds can hold bigger.

You will get a wave out the front of MAMA’S losmen spot  a left hander that can deliver some magnificent surf waves but with the wrong winds can be a mes  worth checking out.

Surf tour around the area

Travel Agent which organizes surf tour usually combines the three locations into one unified surf tour package begins with pick-up in Jakarta or Bandung, If you have flexible time, it is better to spend more time in this area and found secret surf spot off course with the help of your local guide.

In addition to the surfing, you can also visit interesting places around the area, among others, waterfalls, turtles conservation, hot springs, and do not forget to taste the delicious local culinary.

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