Explore Sempu island dan Goa Cina

Tour Package : Explore Pulau Sempu and Goa Cina

Paket Wisata Explore Pulau Sempu dan Goa Cina Explore Sempu island dan Goa Cina


Day 1

We will pick up you in the morning from airport of Surabaya or Malang, we advise to arrive early in the morning due to the location of the Sempu island and Goa China beach are relatively quite far, after about 2 hours drive from Malang down township residents and forest production, we will arrived at Sendang Biru Beach, the gate to the Sempu island, we will rest and have lunch while enjoying the white sand beach before crossing to Sempu Island. Crossing to Sempu island from Sendang Biru is only need about 15-20 minutes by using local fisherman boat to the Gulf of ants, one of the popular entrances to reach Seogor Anakan inside Sempu Island. Arrived on the island we will trek down tropical forests along the rocky footpath passes for approximately 2 hours to the location of Segoro Anakan, a beautiful lagoon connected to the south sea of Java through a coral cave, in the afternoon when we arrived at the Segoro Anakan we will share the task of building tent and gathering firewood in part, on the edge of the lagoon that we will spend the evening enjoying the outdoors.

 Day 2

Waking up at 5 am, we can enjoy the atmosphere of the early morning sun cast over the cliffs and enjoy the beautiful sea of southern Java, as the sun rose we could swim in the lagoon Segoro Anakan as much notice immediately cave that connects the lagoon to the sea and fill it with water at high tide, after a swim in Segoro Anakan we come back through the forest to the Gulf of Ants to then cross back to the Sendang Biru Beach, estimated at 12 noon we will arrive at Sendang Biru Beach, shower and clean up after meals noon.

From here we will continue the journey to Goa China a beautiful beach which is located in the same coastline like Sendang Biru beach. Goa China relatively more natural than the beaches around it, we will arrive in Goa China is estimated at 14.00 and we will enjoy the atmosphere of the beach until the sun sets and enjoy the cave. Once satisfied playing in Goa China beach we will be heading back to the airport, station or hotel.


  • Explore the Sempu island
  • Sendang Biru Beach
  • Segoro Anakan
  • Goa China beach

Contact Person:
Asghan Reza Putra Yuarsa
Mobile: 08175043413
BB PIN: 323461F8


  1. Tour Guide
  2. Transportation during the trip (AC)
  3. Admission and all permissions.
  4. Boat to cross to Sempu island.
  5. Eat 3x everyday.
  6. Stocks (bread and mineral water) for camping in the Sempu island
  7. Drinks and snacks
  8. Camping equipment

Personal equipment Participants

  1. Warm clothing.
  2. Personalized medicine.
  3. Light meals and snacks.
  4. Sandals or shoes for trekking.
  5. Identification Card (KTP) or other identifier ID.
  6. Camera
  7. Toiletries.
  8. Stocks
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