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Segoro Anakan Pulau Sempu

Sempu Island is a small island located on the southern coast of Java, exactly opposite the Sedang Biru beach in South Malang, in the village of Malang regency Sumbermanjing Tambakrejo district. This island is a natural reserve areas that are protected forests, therefore you must have a license from the manager in advance to be able to visit it, it also serves to ensure the preservation of flora and fauna that exist inside it. One most beautiful attraction of Sempu Island is Segoro Anakan, a lagoon located inside the island and is connected to the sea through a cave that serves as water channel from the sea into the lagoon. The island does not have a brackish water source, so if you are going to linger for exploring the island then prepare all the supply Sendang Biru beach before you cross to the island.

To achieve this hidden paradise you have to travel quite far, about 2-3 hours from the city of Malang marathon towards the poor southern seaside terrain mountain roads winding through the villages, farmlands and small forests, the atmosphere is so pleasant journey, enjoy the soothing sight of green trees. Road condition is still good, although not very wide and there are occasional pavement adjacent to the ravine, so be careful!. There is public transport to and from the coast of Sendang Biru, from Arjosari terminal or railway station in the city of Malang there are all day regular public transport to the terminal Gadang, then from terminal Gadang you can take public transportation or bus to the district Turen, from Turen there is only times public transportation everyday to Sendang Biru Beach. We further suggest you to use a personal vehicle for travel to be more liberal and faster, anyway because they do not have to wait for a full public transport first.

Sendang Biru Beach

After passing through a challenging journey away, we will arrive at Sendang Biru Beach, the gateway to cross into Sempu Island, this beach is a tourist destination with a beautiful view breathtaking, scenic white sand along the coastline you can enjoy, Sempu strait with blue sea water, fishing vessels are double functioning, to catch fish and take visitors to Sempu island, lined up neatly on the edge of the beach, the atmosphere is able to cure boredom of monotonous activity you are doing. There are many visitors who enjoy the beach, just to swim, enjoy the atmosphere and views of the waterfront or trekking to proceed towards the lagoon Segoro Anakan inside Sempu Island. Next to the beach there is a Sendang Biru Fish Auction Place where fishermen selling the fishs, your holiday will become complete with views of the beach while enjoying fresh grilled fish.

Sendang biru Beach admission is Rp. 5500, – and to cross to the Sempu island you have to take care of advance administrative admission of Rp. 25.000, -.

Crossing to the Sempu island

After obtaining a permit from the manager, you are now ready to cross to the Sempu island. You can hire a fishing boat at sea that are not being used, do not worry!, because on the waterfront next to the fish auction, fishing boats lined up ready to take you and friends to the Sempu island, the average rate is Rp. 100.000, – for pick-up, if you are planning a camping and overnight, do not forget to note the phone numbers in order to contact the owner of the boat when you get back from cruising the island, then you can reach him via handphone.

Don’t imagine that crossing from the coast of Sendang Biru to Sempu Island for hours, it’s only take 15 minutes, crossing the strait with the quite sea and not too deep, all eyes that look you see blue sea and island views with leafy green trees, as well as several large coral challenging famous powerful waves of Java south ocean.

Sempu Island actually has some destinations such as Sendang Biru Beach itself, the Gulf of Ants, one of the gates to trekking path to Segoro Anakan inside Sempu Island, Pasir Panjang beach, Pasir Kembar beach One and Two. But among some of the destinations most visited by tourists are Segoro Anakan, because it’s dazzling view. Island Conditions still sustainable and natural, the atmosphere and the scenery makes the veins of our nerves more relaxed, refreshing ..

Rainforests Trekking

The wise man told me to reach heaven it must be fought first, patiently passing the exam and obstacles and the course was not easy. These words fit perfectly to describe the trekking activity toward Segoro Anakan. After crossing of the Sendang Biru Beach to the Gulf of Ants using fishing boats, then next is cruising lowland tropical forest inside Sempu island, for about 2 hours we were treated to roam the forest atmosphere with large trees, the sound of birds chirping “cicitcuit” here and there, from faint distant heared sound of the waves. Trekking path also has shaped rather wide path for visitors every day passed, rocky and occasionally found a large tree that fell blocking the path, but there is no need to worry about leeches who used to be friends when trekking forest, as far as our experience here free leech . Because we carried supplies and goods for camping, our backpacks full and heavy, quite exhausting and tiring, so that we feel if we were less  exercise.

Segoro Anakan Camp

After approximately 2 hours exhausting walk, we finally arrived at Anakan. When we arrived it was dark and we could not enjoy the view Segoro Anakan directly, without waiting too late we soon built a tent, immediately look for firewood to burn coal and make fresh fish that has been we bought earlier in the TPI. Enjoying a night on the edge of a small lagoon by the campfire while eating grilled fish with chili sauce and fresh, it feels that heaven, especially our hungry after trekking for 2 hours. Once full of grilled fish we eat and sleep in order to wake up early tomorrow morning to enjoy the atmosphere of the lagoon Segoro Anakan.

Morning was ahead, we can only enjoy Segoro Anakan, it’s view really special, a lagoon with white sand on the side adjacent to the tent where we build, surrounded by high cliffs that bordered the sea, between the cliffs there is a hole cave that channel water to the sea when the waves rising lagoon. That’s where the most beautiful scenery in the lagoon can be found, such as coral stage occurs naturally overgrown with samll green grass, as the waves hit the reef and through the cave while we were beside it to enjoy the atmosphere, this is an unforgettable experience, the fatigue of the travel to this lagoon with full of obstacles toward are paying off, so enjoy it. Under the stage reef is quite deep lagoon side with a depth of about 2 meters, turn blue when viewed from above coral stage, very suitable used for swimming.

We can also climb to the top of the cliffs and enjoy the sea view from the heights, enjoying the view of the blue sea south of Java a mark of depth with the waves that hit the barrier reef that limit the lagoon, from a distance we can also enjoy a large rock on the beach is a bit far away, If you occasionally bring fishing rods, you can fishing there.

Route from the Malang Train station to Sendang Biru Beach

If you take the train then get off at Malang station, then from there you can find public transportation to the terminal Gadang, of the Gadang terminal you can ride public transportation or bus to the district Turen, from Turen there are one or two public transportation to Sendang Biru beach every day, but had to wait for the full first and departed.

Route from Malang Terminal (Arjosari) to Sendang Biru Beach

From the bus terminal Arjosari short walk to the town of freight transport base with labels AG (Arjosari – Gadang) to Gadang terminal, from Gadang terminal the route is the same as above.

Tips and Advice

  • If you plan on camping so bring enough supplies, enough drinking water because there is no source of fresh water inside the island.
  • If it is your first time visiting the Sempu island, so we recommend using the services of a ranger to take you to Segoro Anakan, so you do not get lost and in addition they are also more familiar terrain of the island, ranger rental costs between Rp. 100.000, – to Rp. 150.000, –
  • Do not come too late, dark will bother you while trekking and anyway you need time to look for firewood and build a tent.
  • Bring a flashlight or light, also bring a knife to help you find dry branches, if you forget to take it out of the house, you can rent it on the local people.
  • Bring a tent from where you live, even though managers of Sempu island also provide camping tent rental, for anticipation if the tent already leased out.

Photos of Sempu Island

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Camp di Segoro Anakan

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Goa Segoro Anakan Pulau Sempu

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Panggung Segoro Anakan


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    Posted by Putu astawa| Thursday May 16th, 2013 |

    gw bulan juni ini mau kesana ada yg pnya kontak person gak didaerah sana, mau sewa tendanya biar disiapin. sebaiknya nyebrang ke pulau sempu jm brp enaknya ya ??


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      Posted by Keliling Nusantara| Monday May 20th, 2013 |

      penyebrangan sebaiknya dilakukan pagi hari, trekking menyusuri hutan di pulau sempu untuk ke segoro anakan akan butuh waktu kurang leibh 1.5-2 jam, sampek di sana siang, jadi masih ada cukup waktu untuk bangun tenda dan nyiapkan perapian.
      untuk kontak, aku dulu punya, tapi beberapa waktu kemarin bbku rusak dan semua kontak hilang, jadi sementara dak bisa bantu untuk kontak.

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