Explore Alas Purwo National Park and Plengkung Beach 4D3N

Explore Alas Purwo and Plengkung Explore Alas Purwo National Park and Plengkung Beach 4D3N

Located in the East end of the island of Java – in Banyuwangi regency, Alas Purwo National Park is the only remaining natural forests in Java, the region has many interesting tourist spots to visit, one of which is Plengkung Beach which is the second best beach in the world for surfing activities after Hawaii in America, waves reaching 7-8 meters high and extends as far as 2 km, this is a paradise for professional surfer, besides Plengkung beach, Alas Purwo National Park also has a turtle conservation in Ngagelan, Istana cave which is still a lot of untouched, temple in the middle of the forest named “Pura Giri Salaka”, also natural savannahs, are home to many wild animals, the tour program will explore the interesting spots all around Alas Purwo National Park.

Day 1

We will pick up participants at the specified meeting point and we will immediately went to Banyuwangi regency, From Surabaya, the journey to the National Park Alas Purwo will take approximately 8-9 hours, while from the city Banyuwangi itself will take approximately 3-4 hours trip.

Day 2

So the next morning we arrived in the surrounding area, we will go to the beach Bedul, to arrive at the location of the beach we had to cross first by boat, from shore Bedul we can bike along the trekking path in the forest to reach the turtle conservation location at Ngagelan beach, after observing the turtles activities, well before noon we will get back to shore Bedul taking waterfront track and cycling paths along the beach while enjoying the sunset, after a long day on the beach we will spend the night in a home stay at the village nearby namely Kendalrejo, remember in the park there is no lodging common except in the area of ​​surf camp, and because of its location relatively far in the forest, we do not use that inn.

Day 3

The next day, early in the morning we will set out and explore further Alas Purwo National Park, we will visit several locations, among others; Pura Luhur Giri Salaka, Istana cave, Plengkung beach, and natural savannah called Sadengan. By late afternoon we will return to the home stay, after clean-up and dinner we could check out and leave Alas Purwo back to Surabaya or next destinations you will visit.

Day 4

Arrive at the next destination and farewell and end the tour.

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