West Java Surfing Review

map of indonesia 300x225 West Java Surfing ReviewIndonesia is the largest archipelagos country in the world consist of 13.466 islands with total population reach 260 millions most of them are Muslims, this makes Indonesia as the 4th largest population in the world with the largest Muslims population. Although most of its population are Muslims, in the fact Indonesia is consist of hundreds of tribes scattered throughout the islands. Ethnic diversity, cultures and languages become a blessing to the nation of Indonesia to face a challenge of globalization.

Indonesian coastline is the longest in the world that stretches from Sabang in the west end of the island of Sumatra to Merauke in the east end of Irian Jaya, Indonesia most of the south side directly facing the Indian Ocean, including in this area are the island of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Lombok, while the majority north Indonesian archipelago face the Pacific Ocean, this makes Indonesia as a heaven for beach tourism and has invited millions of travelers in the world to come to visit and know better the Indonesian archipelago.

There is no doubt about Indonesia’s reputation as a popular tourist destination in the world, so enchanting natural beauty, invaluable diversity of culture and heritage, friendly people and of course the culinary delights of the tasteful considering that Indonesia is the source of the spice in the world. However, as the Indonesian archipelago has a slow rate of equitable development, the main obstacle of Indonesian tourism issue is the infrastructure insufficient, it makes the cost of Indonesian tourism activities are relatively expensive in terms of transportation, fortunately today there are many travel agents are able to organize a tour to almost all the tourist destinations of Indonesia, you can simply contact them to plan your tour.

Indonesia has a huge potential for tourism, we believe it, it is only a matter of time until the tourism activity that requires equitable distribution infrastructure and public disclosure to welcome travelers with all their background, into something fun and beneficial for the future of Indonesia citizens.

Once in life you have to visit Indonesia and explore its beauty, it will be your enjoyable and unforgettable trip for a lifetime. Feel great experience to enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia and the friendliness of its people are so warm. This is Indonesia, we will gladly welcome you to get to know us more closely.

Intoduction of West Java

West Java is located in the western part of Java island, on the south side directly facing the Indian Ocean, Jakarta and Banten province in the west, the Java Sea in the north and the province of Central Java in the east. West Java was the province with the largest population in Indonesia, with a population of 43,907,040 according to census of 2010 and more than two-thirds of its population residing in urban areas, the majority of the population are Sundanese so they call themselves, the land of their birth and the local language. On the eastern side of the province bordering Central Java, the population has been mixed with Java, whereas in the areas bordering the metropolitan Jakarta are Betawi people and urban society from all over Indonesia. The inhabitants occupation are mainly manufacturing workers in urban areas, farmers in the rural areas and fishermen in the coastal areas.

The history of West Java is not separated from the rise and fall of great kingdoms in Java, Tarumanegara is a kingdom ruled first recorded in West Java, It’s successor is Padjajaran which is still in the same period with Majapahit kingdom in East Java. In the 16th century the kingdom of Demak Muslim who became the successor of Majapahit spreads its influence to West Java through Cirebon, although not yet fully subdued, since that time the Kingdom of Sunda Padjadjaran began to weaken. At the end of the 16th century Sundanese kingdom entirely fall into the hands of Banten kingdom until the arrival of the Dutch to the archipelago.

West Java has a typical culture, language and society that have a wide range of arts, crafts and food are also typical. People of West Java has a brighter skin color than the residents who live on the island of Java in general, the capital of West Java, Bandung is famous with the girls are beautiful, in Sundanese language called “neng geulis” which means beautiful girl. Besides West Java has interesting places to visit, Bandung is the textile center in Indonesia which is heaven for travelers to shop. Natural attractions is equally interesting, you can ask your travel agent to design an adventure activities to explore interesting places in West Java, dive into the culture, feel the hospitality of its peoples, and enjoy culinary delights and distinctive taste.

Season and Weather

Almost all regions in Indonesia has two main seasons: the rainy season and the dry, the difference is the arrival time of the season and intensity, the more to the east the season arrival is getting late and the less rainfall compared to areas in the west. In West Java the dry season usually lasts from October to May and the remainder from December to April is the rainy season, usually occurs in the afternoon, sometimes in the morning, but in January to February rains can falls all day.

The South East trade winds typically lasts between 11 am to 4 pm, so the best time to surf is in the morning or in the afternoon. Temperatures in the dry season ranged between 230C at night – 340C in the midday, while in the rainy season ranged between 270C – 300C with high humidity levels.

ombak pantai plengkung g land 300x200 West Java Surfing ReviewSurfing in West Java

There are many surf spots on the south coast of West Java that deal directly with the Indian Ocean, Pangandaran in the east end of the borders with Central Java, Ujung Genteng and Pelabuhan Ratu in Sukabumi or in Sawarna and Panaitan in Banten. In the offshore area, there are several small islands which are excellent for surfing activities such as Tinjil Island, Panaitan island and Dili island. Throughout the year we can get consistent waves for surfing in this area, but the best is in the middle of the dry season between May till October, usually not too crowded and not too quiet so you will not surf alone, the average height of the waves were 6-12 feet or 2-4 meters. Although not as popular as Bali, West Java clearly has exciting surf spots and some of them are the best in Indonesia.

Below list is the popular surf spots in West Java and surrounding area :

[table caption=”West Java Surf Spot by Indonesia Surfing Republic” border=”0″ tablesorter=”true” class=”table-bordered” sort=”desc,asc” file=”https://www.kelilingnusantara.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/West-Java-Surf-Spot-Indonesia-Surfing-Republic.csv”][/table]

Cimaja – Pelabuhan Ratu and surrounding areas

Among the many surf spots mentioned above, Cimaja – Pelabuhan Ratu and several spots around it including Sawarna and Turtles – Ujung Genteng has the best accommodations and relatively easily accessible from Jakarta or Bandung, can be reached within 6-7 hour drive depending on traffic conditions, in this area were also our base camp located.

There are many hotels with varying prices in the region, you can customize it with your budget, call us to arrange your surf tour in this region. Food can also be obtained easily at Cimaja – Pelabuhan Ratu, the price is also not expensive, if you want to taste the typical foods such as meatballs, dumplings, fried rice and many others, you can go out to get it in all the way, easy to find.

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