Sawarna waves

Best Surf Spot in West Java – Indonesia

indicators 300x200 Best Surf Spot in West Java   Indonesia

Indicator point – Pelabuhan Ratu

There are many surf spots on the south coast of West Java that deal directly with the Indian Ocean, Pangandaran in the east end of the borders with Central Java, Ujung Genteng and Pelabuhan Ratu in Sukabumi or in Sawarna and Panaitan in Banten. In the offshore area, there are several small islands which are excellent for surfing activities such as Tinjil Island, Panaitan island and Dili island.

Throughout the year we can get consistent waves for surfing in this area, but the best is in the middle of the dry season between May till October, usually not too crowded and not too quiet so you will not surf alone, the average height of the waves were 6-12 feet or 2-4 meters.

Although not as popular as Bali, West Java clearly has exciting surf spots and some of them are the best in Indonesia.

Cimaja – Sukabumi – West Java

West Java Surfing Championship 2013 Day 1 Highlights

Panaitan Island

Indonesias best wave

Ombak 7 – Sukabumi

Sawarna – Banten


Batu Karas – Pangandaran (Long Board)

Husni Longboarding

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