Pulau Putri

Thousand Islands

Pulau Putri Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands Is a regency in the Capital city of Indonesia – Jakarta. The area covers islands in the bay of Jakarta. This regency has population about 20.000 peoples spread in eleven small island, among others Untung Jawa island, Pari island, Lancang island, Big Tidung island, small Tidung island, Pramuka island, Panggang island, Harapan island, Kelapa island and Sebira island. In addition to the inhabited islands there are aslo islands used only for resort  like Bidadari island, Onrust island, Big Kotok island, Putri island, Matahari island, Sepa island etc.

In this area, we can find conservation zone – Thousand Islands Marine National Park. As a region that most of it’s territory is water and it was conserved, then it is not surprising, that development orientation of this area was focused on marine aquaculture and tourism. This two sectors are expected become prime mover of community development in the area of Thousand Islands.

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