Tidung Island – Thousand Islands

Jelajah Wisata Pulau Tidung 300x200 Tidung Island   Thousand IslandsTidung island is part of Thousand Islands and the biggest among others. It is the twin islands, small Tidung island and big Tidung island. The small one is uninhabited island with natural conserved forest consist of Mangrove and plantation managed by government to preserve nature and the comfort for tourist who visit the Tidung island. And the big one is inhabited island has a wide of 104 hectare with a population of 6000 people, most of their life depend to the tourism industry, that’s why the people are very friendly and familiar.

Tourist accommodation provided by the people of the island, so you will not be hassles when you comes to this island, residents rent their homes as a home stay and provide equipment and other travel needs such as snorkeling and diving equipment also experienced local guide, and of course food menu you can choose by your self.

In this island we will visit a beautiful beaches, marine conservation areas, it’s environment is maintained, you can snorkel and dive in the area. Favorite tourist activities in addition to enjoying the natural beauty of the beach and the amazing view of underwater is cycling around the island, BBQ or if you want an activity with the concept of Eco green, you can choose planting mangrove trees, and it’s fun.

On the west side of the island, there is Saung with beach as background, very well suited for casual activities to unwind after a long day, the atmosphere is still beautiful, you can also enjoy snacks provided by the community workshops and enjoy the young coconut. While on the east side of the island there is a famous bridge, called the bridge of love and it’s become tourism icon of the island.

If you are tired of the routine of endless work, take time to visit this island, you will not be disappointed​​, fun activities and relaxation tours in this island will make you more refreshed when you return to work.

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