Taste the charm of the archipelago – Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

%name Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

Friendship and nature can present a full flavor story, a combination theme that will never be endless to tell, inviting us to feel the same experience, because everyone loves adventures and challenges in their respective levels, always fun to explore the archipelago with friends. Check out this travel story exploring Mount Bromo and Madakaripura Waterfall at the foot of Mount Bromo.


When most people say that in the moment of sunrise is the perfect time to begin the journey. Yes .. we agree with this. Each one of us when begins to plan, when we would get ready for bed at night, when we rushed up from the bed, and when we said goodbye and walk away from all the habits that we used to do. Footsteps and emotional are not uncommon, we believe there will be something big that we will achieve … yes, we have a dream. We will make it happen.

Menuju+Gubeng Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

We are smiling to pick our dream

Terminals, stations, airports, is the most similar place to stop, and carve out a story, someone came and gone. Bandung city stations was a witness to the first step of our trip. We made an appointment to meet here and begin our dream. One by one of us had arrived with even slightly unsteady steps because we sustain the burden of the heavier bags than usual. But it did not hinder us to smile cheerfully to each other .. just to greet each other “Hi … Good morning ..” and are you ready? The five of us are ready to realize our dreams.

 At 07.30 precisely, the roar of the engine series rail cars Executive Argo Wilis increasingly rowdy and signs whistle sounded from behind the glass window, indicating a fair train is ready to depart towards Gubeng Station Surabaya. We will arrive on schedule at 07.30 pm at night.

 Most of the day we spent together. Jokes and laughter even thought to tend rowdy, instead of the other passengers’ atmosphere. We exchanged stories, playing cards and sometimes a bit of a frown because we were trying to tell crunchiness story. Krik… krik .. in the afternoon our stomachs were growling, we ate together the simplicity of wrapped rice with potluck dishes, but feels very tasty and luxurious as this togetherness. Hills, mountains, rivers, paddy acreage that lay green became an added scenery bonus that we can enjoy on this trip. Yes … I believe that there is happiness found along the way and not merely found at the destination.

%name Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

Were in Meeting point at Jatim Expo Surabaya

At 07.30 pm in the evening, we had arrived perfectly at Gubeng Surabaya Station. Each one of us directly tries to adapt to the surrounding atmosphere. We also sit back relax in the waiting room just to stretch our legs and leaned back for a moment. While thinking the mode of transportation that will take us to the next places. Yes, of course, this is a common thing that we do .. we’ll brainstorm a bit small if it will have an effect on our budget that would spend. That’s the backpacker. Effective in terms of time and as efficiently as possible.

 We were riding the taxi took us to the meeting point at Jatim Expo Surabaya. Most of us were just setting foot in the city of Surabaya. Therefore, we also occasionally tilting our neck out the window, put out his arms and let our cheek swept by chill night wind of Surabaya Heroes town. Although the sky was dark we tried this silly little thing because we did not get to see the city as a whole in the daylight. Only vehicle headlights, street lights, and building lights. In the way, we were involved in small talk with the driver. Mr driver told me about his family and we were asking each other about the origins, intentions and our goal here. Two bills of one hundred thousand and fifty thousand marks the end of our brief encounter with the driver. Thank you, Mr. Driver … bye.

mtf dWpVH 443 Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

Manyun – Stylish

Precisely nine o’clock we arrived at Meeting point at Jatim Expo Surabaya. The atmosphere here is quite crowded. Many youths who spent Sunday night at this place. Sitting cross-legged on the edge of the rail gathered over coffee and chatting to one another to be one scene here. We met here with a team from Keliling Nusantara that will become our tour guide on this tour program, in addition, we are also acquainted with other tour members. We call him “Mas Putra” as our tour guide from Keliling Nusantara. Our different backgrounds were not chasm to get to know each other and promote unity. Most of us are from Jakarta, Bekasi, and Bandung.

 Minibus Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Luxio carrying eleven persons of us toward Probolinggo. I remember we crossed Pasuruan city and Sidoarjo city while we drive toward Probolinggo. Sidoarjo is a silent witness to the sinking of a village, district by accident mud from the earth. In the midnight we arrived at the stops area that was pretty crowded, a lot of people are wearing thick gloves and other clothing to wrap the body of the cold temperature there. Various Jeep row lined up neatly. It is a kind of terminal at Tengger township. We also changed using the Jeep, I call it “tough old”. The rugged terrain must be passed by the tough old that very is good in the off-road field. Dozens of the sharp bend in the slope was about 60 degrees, the ramp had to be conquered with a perfect towards the first point called Penanjakan. Typical sounds of forest animals in height was accompanied our journey. Cool atmosphere, quiet, the sky is still dark, only our headlights with the engine occasionally off in the midst of the steep terrain adds to the atmosphere as this journey into the magical and mystical.

 After the heavy field and aura that feels mystical and magical had passed, we were rushing down and walked hand in hand toward climbing quickly followed Mas Putra. In front of us, many jeeps was parked on the shoulder of the tough street edge of the abyss and elongated hill which also neatly brings a group commonly referred to as the sunrise hunter. Instantly we were stuck in a time dimension is at the altitude of 2392 m above sea level. The sky was still dark, but the reddish tinge indicates the sun will soon appear. Did not have to wait long, Morning sun was warm on our closed eyelids. Her beam offers warmth in the cold the body is at the peak of Penanjakan. As he comes into the cold antidote. Here not only the enthusiastic local waiting for the sun, International tourist did not lose much. Yeah .. no less foreign tourists keen to perpetuate the hidden paradise of the archipelago. Hundreds of hand-held camera capture preparing to witness the appearance of the sun. Subhanallah ….. cool… Only this is spoken from our lips when we were mesmerized by the orange tinge there. Where is the place for the first time I step, that’s where our mouths and hearts of thanksgiving. The farther the distance walked, the more extensive the eyes look more real evidence of His greatness.

%name Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

Capturing the moment with International Tourist

%name Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

The beauty of Sunrise Bromo moment

%name Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

Sunrise of Bromo welcome you with warmth

After a moment enjoying the warmth of the sun. We then walked to the Jeep that will take us to the next destination Sea of Sands. The view of white cloud layer is so soft, sinking arise appear to change with the heat of the sun. When looking back to the top, that was still thick fog cover Pananjakan, it turns out we had been through the clouds. Passengers of off-road vehicle’s shocks become increasingly felt when entering the vast expanse of sand. Visibility was limited due to the grains of sand flying as many Jeep passing. We momentarily seemed to be in a different time dimension swallowed by the Sahara Desert across the African continent. Soon we were treated to towering sand grooves. It is formed from eruptions that occurred the long time ago. We also set up the energy for rushed down to the next climbing. On the way, we often met with horses. This horse rented to take tourists were reluctant to the stairs of Mt. Bromo. It is said that there are about 250 pieces of stairs. But, this ladder is quite dense because there is only one lane for up and down. This situation makes us choose the steep to climb the sands to get to the top of Bromo crater. This field is quite enough to make us panting breath, give up and stop back down was possessed. However, we help each other, encourage each other and reaching out to get to the top. Tired was paid off when it reaches the peak of the crater, we are treated to a view that we do not see every day. The expanse of sand dunes that surround the crater accompanied the hot sun over our heads. Here again, we say thanks for the beauty of the earth created by God.

%name Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

encourage each other, yeah you can!

20130929 064219 Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

shined by the sun

20130929 060513 Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

Next journey – Inside Hardtop perspective

Once satisfied, we immediately came back to the old Jeep that will take us to the other surprising destinations. Here is a stretch of savanna hills, vast expanse of overgrown weeds and other wild plants. Adding to the charm of this hidden hill, not less with savanna in Africa or anywhere in the world. Quiet atmosphere, strong winds carrying sand grains that sweep anyone blocking and dried weeds that grow wild make anyone who watched it would feel very lucky.

%name Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

With all friends and team of Keliling Nusantara

%name Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

The beauty of Savana (Teletubbies Hill)

Once satisfied, we hurried to the Whispering Sand with energy left, but we still keep the spirit. This place became famous after had been used for working on several films. Maybe it’s the sound of a strong wind carrying sand grains like whispers calling for natural beauty, making a sound, and creates a romantic impression. Next, we back to the Tengger village and returned with our previous car. This became parting moment with our Jeep. The car brings us to one of the houses in the village of Tengger, and down to lunch and rid yourself of the thick dust remaining on our faces and bodies. We are preparing for lunch. We enjoyed it so voraciously. Barely forget when the last time we get to eat like this after a long night activity.

20130929 071134 Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

unwind after ascending the peak of Mt Bromo

Once our energy back, we continued our journey to Madakaripura waterfall. This place is said to be trusted in earlier times into a trance of Gajah Mada. Its location is quite hidden, quiet streets on either side because there are many valleys and ravines deep enough that seemed ready to eat anyone who is not careful. Occasionally we encounter a bee breeding. This area is also producing many kapok trees. Increasingly enter into and close to the location, width street is getting narrower. About an hour we had arrived. The journey began. Not easy to get to the waterfall. Impassable terrain is across the river and set foot on the rocks as a foothold. The wet will became a sensation. And that is stressful enough when passing lane cliff rocks in a tilted position. Holding on slit – blemish rock cliff with remain alert and cautious because the rock is slippery due to the moss. Helping hand from us were ready took her as an aid. If off guard when holding or stand, was likely to slip or fall into the water. To unwind some of us tried Madakaripura cold water. Laughter, shouts, and splashes became a part of our story in Madakaripura after sunbathing in Bromo. This coolness has provided happiness for us.

Horizon afternoon drifting increasingly dark. The car carrying us to Surabaya as we fell asleep after we have completed a series of the successful trip. We gave each other ‘s fingers tightened shaking hands and our backs heavy to embrace each other as mutual split. And even this unity will remain intact until the interwoven into the history of the eternal in achieving the dream.

The five of us immediately headed to our hotel which had earlier booked. Finally, we can lay back completely. Almost forgot when your back is touching the mattress and wrapped in a blanket. We also enjoyed the grace of God one more again, Rest. We were immersed in the dark sky of Surabaya asleep in our dreams further. When the sun had started to crawl up, it is the sign we had to check out. We enjoy the time left in every corner of the city of Surabaya. Not far from our hotel, there were staying Submarine Museum. Located on the banks of Kali Mas, at the center of Surabaya. More precisely next to Plaza Surabaya. This monument is actually a real submarine, namely KRI Pasopati. This Uni Soviet-made ship had taken part in the Battle of Aru Sea against the Dutch.

%name Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

Inside Sub Marine Museum

Once satisfied perpetuate some favorite corner, we were hurried to “Pasar Genteng “ using public transportation. This is a traditional market offers souvenirs typical of Surabaya. We had previously gathered information on the store “Bhek” we can get it all. We were busy struggling with a basket in hand and looking for what’s right-hand pieces taken as souvenirs. After completion of all the affairs of souvenirs, we walked in the heat of the afternoon for lunch in the downtown of Surabaya.

Not far from Pasar Genteng we found a place to eat in the street that is quite unique. Talking about satay (Sate), in Surabaya is quite different from other regions. “Sate Klopo Ondomohen l- Mrs. Asih) is legendary enough. The dining area is quite popular. Slices of chicken and beef that has been cooked in a puncture half, burned again in order to cook. Which makes it distinctive is beside peanut sauce sprinkled with coconut “serundeng”, along with chopped red onion, chopped chilies to add a spicy sensation made into one. Serundeng create its own distinctive flavor to the meat.

20130930 125117 Taste the charm of the archipelago   Mt. Bromo and Madakaripuwa waterfall edition 2

Enjoy Sate Ondomohen

Once full, we were rushed up paying to Mrs. Asih. And ready to take a taxi toward Juanda airport. When the twilight switch into the dark, the iron bird was flying toward our hometown in Bandung drove us to return home. The end of a journey that is home. Find your way, find out how valuable a ‘home’. We went back to our homes with the timeless history that we carved together. This togetherness will always be tied together beautifully.


Quoted from Travel Story with Keliling Nusantara to explore Mt. Bromo and Madakaripura waterfall. Originally published by Ririn Oktivia  from Bandung.

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