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Surabaya City Tour 3D2N – Romantic and Fun tour program

Surabaya City Tour 3D2N 300x118 Surabaya City Tour 3D2N   Romantic and Fun tour programSurabaya is the second largest city of Indonesia and administrative center of the East Java province. Surabaya represent Indonesia in terms of progress and modernity with many public facilities are available there, as well as representing the struggle of the people in the circle of Indonesian history, therefore, has a label City of Heroes.


Day 1 – Arrival followed by Romantic Surabaya Tour

Tour Destinations : Submarine monument, Heroes monument, House of Sampoerna (HOS), Ampel and Arab communities in Surabaya and Suramadu Bridge.

Morning, we will pick up participants from Railway Station or Juanda Airport, after introductions, then we will begin Explore Surabaya and to know this city much closely, the first spot we visit is Submarine Monument (Monkasel) is a Submarine belong to Republic of Indonesia which was purchased from the Soviet Union and was the most advanced ship of its time, not far from Monkasel, we will visit the statue Suro and Boyo which is a symbol of the city of Surabaya, was built on the banks of the legendary Mas River in the heart of Surabaya. From Monkasel area, we will continue visiting the Heroes Monument and Museum of Struggle, here we can see the past of Surabaya during the struggle for independence, complete with historical actors and combat equipment. Next we’ll have lunch at a nearby restaurant and a short break.

Next we will visit House of Sampoerna (HOS), is a museum of story of cigarettes, cigarette business development in Archipelagos until the modern era, this museum is managed by PT. HM. Sampoerna is one of the largest cigarette manufacturers in Indonesia before it was acquired by Philiph Morris International, from HOS we will continue the tour to Ampel area, which was known as the region of Arab descent in Surabaya, in Ampel we’ll visit the Sunan Ampel tomb, member of Wali Songo and was the oldest and most senior among them, in this area you can also visit a traditional market that sells worship accessories and snacks, located not too far from Sunan Ampel mosque. Before late afternoon we will go to the hotel and checked in for a break.

19.00 pm, we will pick up participants from the hotel for dinner, we will find Surabaya culinary, then after dinner, we will visit Suramadu Bridge that is connect Java and Madura, the longest bridge in Indonesia, bridge view will be looks beautiful at night with the lights that illuminate the bridge body, from a distance will look beautiful and fascinating, then we will go back to the hotel and rest.

Day 2, Surabaya Fun Tour

Tour Destinations : Kenjeran Park, Surabaya Zoo, Surabaya Batik House and Dinner at G-Walk Surabaya

We will start tour program in the morning, first we will go Kenjeran Park, there are a lot of spots that can be visited here, among others: Water park, Four faced Buddha statue, Kenjeran Beach, Dragon Statue and the goddess Kwan Im and other tourist attractions, before too late, we would have left the area and headed Surabaya Grand Mosque as well as rest and prayer to implement, we will also have lunch around the region.

Next we will visit Surabaya Zoo, in its heyday Surabaya Zoo has the most complete collection in South East Asia, here we will see a collection of typical animals in Indonesia, before it is too late, we will visit House of Batik the largest batik gallery shop in Surabaya to enjoy and maybe buy its collections, then we will go back to the hotel and rest.

19.00 pm we will visit G-Walk to enjoy the sparkling night Surabaya, G-Walk is one of the integrated area in the western part of Surabaya and one of the biggest Surabaya hawker center, a place to hang out for family, here we will find culinary for dinner, before late night will return to the hotel for rest.

Day 3 – End of Tour

On the third day of Surabaya city program will serve participants wherever they want to go, especially to the location of typical souvenirs shopping, there are a few typical souvenirs Surabaya whether it be snacks or accessories. Subsequently after shopping for souvenirs, we will go to Airport and finish entire tour program.

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