Savana Bromo - Bukit Teletubbies

Savannah of Bromo – Teletubbies hill

Savana Bromo Bukit Teletubbies 1024x489 Savannah of Bromo   Teletubbies hill

If you’re visiting Bromo, ask the hardtop driver to take you to Savannah of Bromo, a green hilly area looks green throughout the year, people used to call it the “Hill Teletubbies” perhaps because it resembles the landscape picture of the green hills where Teletubbies played in the film series dolls are quite popular. This hilly area is located approximately 20 minutes away by driving a hardtop from the parking area near the sea of ​​sand at Mount Batok, if you love the thrill of adventure, you can ride into the hills, there are a lot of horses who accidentally rented for transportation in a sea of ​​sand.

Savana Bromo is located adjacent to the vast sea of ​​sand, typical grassy savanna region of the tropics, the best view is during the rainy season, where the grass starts greening and flowering in peak season will be a mixture of purple and yellow, three color combination of green, purple and yellow make this place charming region, you will not be surprised if in the next of sandy area located a vast green savannah. The savanna grass will slowly dry up as the dry season comes.

In this Savannah is also contained the off-road path to Ranu Pane the first post of the ascent of Mount Semeru, there are branching paths trails bring to the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park via the three districts in East Java, namely Lumajang, Malang and Probolinggo , you can actually visit Bromo from the three district and if you visit Bromo via Tumpang – Malang or Lumajang, you will pass Bromo savanna before arriving in the sea of ​​sand.

To visit the savanna Bromo visitors will typically charged of package price to visit four destinations namely; Sunrise Bromo in Penanjakan, Bromo crater, Savanna and Whispering Sand, the package price range of Rp. 500.000, – to Rp. 600.000, – depending on the tour season.

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