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Mount Argopura a former active volcano has an altitude of 3,088 meters which is part of the mountains Iyang located in Probolinggo, East Java, and under the supervision of Sub BKSDA (Natural Resources Conservation Center) Jember. Mount Argopuro mountain has the longest climbing lane between the mountains on the island of Java. Having a historical relic of Prehistoric Period to the Japanese occupation. Argopuro mountain has several peaks, one of its peaks is Rengganis, in addition to having a distinctive appeal of a mountain peak, in Rengganis also contained archaeological relic sites in the form of terraces complex consisting of 3 to 5 areas of former buildings in it. The historic ruins believed to be the ruins of the former royal Rengganis Goddess.

Now Keliling Nusantara held an Open Hiking of Argopuro in order to fly the red and white of Indonesia in its peak in the moment of Indonesian anniversary August 17. This hiking event is open to anyone who wants to join us and meet the specified requirements. Explore Indonesia, get closer to the natural beauty of Indonesia and get new friends. Life Traveller! Long live Indonesia!

MEETING POINT: House of Sampoerna – Surabaya

PRICES : IDR 700.000,- / PERSON


Day 1: Start from Surabaya

All participants should arrive in Surabaya at the latest 08.00 am, then the introduction of all participants and checking equipment. As the opener of this trip series, we will invite all participants to get around the city of Surabaya to know better the history of the heroic people of Surabaya against occupation and oppression. There are several Surabaya city icon and a symbol of the struggle of the people, we will visit some of them such as the Heroes monument and Tapered Bamboo monument, Sculpture of Sura and Baya and House of Sampoerna Surabaya.

Approximately 10 am we will soon be leaving from Surabaya to Badran – Besuki, after traveling approximately 4-5 hours we will arrive at Badran, then lunch and break. Before starting the climb we will conduct a briefing about climbing terrain, the character of the mountain, the weather and temperature as well as the possibilities that will occur during the ascent, the briefing is finished, we will once again ensure equipment and supplies, as well as all participants, are ready packed correctly, At the latest 3 pm we will start climbing Argopuro. The first day of climbing, we would not be expected to reach Cikasur, so we will build a tent on the banks of a small river in the mountain slopes of Argopuro. We will prepare equipment and supplies for the first-night camping on Mount Argopuro. It also will be the moment all participants adaptation to unpredictable mountain temperature and weather. 18.00 we’ll prepare the fireplace and make dinner together, dinner while relaxing time enjoying the outdoors, storytelling and other free events. 21:00 advised all participants have started to rest in order to recover the physical conditions.

Day 2: Trekking to Cikasur

08.00 am all participants must already up, before starting of the next climb, we will prepare breakfast together, then packing and pray together. Today we will be faced with a fairly heavy climbing terrain, will be filled with sweat and obstacles, manage the water supplies particularly well, mismanagement might we be deprived of drinking water supplies, we will also be faced with an increasingly cold temperatures, there is no lunch, we will only eat snacks that we bought and prepared earlier. Trekking towards Cikasur will last approximately 6 hours passed Argopuro mountain slopes with steep terrain and crossing the natural forest remains untouched. Cikasur itself is green, vast savanna, on the edge, there is a clear river and the former Japanese army camp and airplane runway that was used by the Japanese occupation forces. We will build a tent around this strategic locations. Also in this savanna if lucky we will see partridges, wolves and of course many kinds of birds, they all are the inhabitant of natural forests and savannas of Argopuro. The fun moments of camping activities in Cikasur is at night, we could enjoy the stars in the sky very clearly, here we can admire how God creates a very wide universe is so beautiful and fascinating, we seemed to be the grain of sand in between so vast of Sahara desert. This is the time where we can unite with the universe.

Day 3: Trekking to Cisentor – The Peak of Rengganis and Flying the Red and White

Start at 08.00 am, we can bathe in the river at the edge of the savanna, REMEMBER! Do not use shampoo or soap because we did not want to pollute nature with the waste we generate. Then we will prepare breakfast together and closed with a praying before starting the day’s trekking.

After all is ready we will be trekking towards Cisentor, estimated the trip will last for approximately 2 hours to pass through terrain quite friendly. Cisentor Our next goal is a location that is a quite extensive camp on the banks of the river, covered by lush forests that make the atmosphere exciting. Arriving at Cisentor we will break and build a tent, when it’s done we will prepare the equipment to climb the peak and fly the red and white of Indonesia in the peak of Argopuro. Once the ceremony is completed we will continue to visit Peak Rengganis, there is a tomb here is believed to be the Princess Rengganis tomb, the last legendary descendant of Majapahit empire, became a myth, then back to the peak of Argopuro and down to the Cisentor, rest and spend the night at camp Cisentor.

Day 4: Trekking to The Garden of Life

After breakfast and packing, we will continue the journey to the Garden of Life “Telaga Taman Hidup”, part way on the track is the most widely demanded prudence and vigilance, we will take a narrow and steep terrain, at the edge of the hills and ravines, BE CAREFUL! Do not lose focus, we all want this trip is going well and all of the participants did not experience an undesirable situation. But the tough journey will pay off when we arrived at the Garden of Life, a lake that is surrounded by a fairly broad view of green pastures, we can bathe in the lake, fishing and playing as much water. We will build a tent on the edge of the lake and rest to pass last night at Mount Argopuro.

Day 5: Bremi – End of Hiking

After breakfast and packing, we will continue the journey to Bremi, for about 2 hours we are going down a fairly steep terrain in between the big trees. Arriving at Bremi we will break while enjoying the fresh cow’s milk from a traditional dairy farm managed by local communities. Ascent Argopuro for 5 days completed. Next, we will go back to Surabaya and complete the series of this journey.

Participant Equipment

  1. Health Certificate from a doctor
  2. The written letter of the parents for every participant under 20 years old, explains that their parents allow participation of this climbing
  3. Lights
  4. Matras
  5. Warm Clothes – Jackets
  6. Sufficient clothing
  7. Identity Cards
  8. Special shoes and sandals for trekking
  9. Personal medicine
  10. mosquito repellent
  11. Snacks

Participation Requirments and General Provision

  1. Health Physically and Spiritually
  2. Age above 17 years and below 45 years
  3. Participants under 20 years old must apply a letter from their parents that explains the permit of parents to join this climbing.
  4. Health Certificate from a doctor
  5. Making a booking at the latest 15 days prior to the date of departure
  6. Fill out the registration form correctly
  7. Pay the down payment of total cost at the latest 15 days prior to the date of departure
  8. Down payment confirmation required at the latest 1×24 hours after the payment process
  9. Cancellation made by participants will cause the down payment forfeited
  10. Delays participants of the pre-determined scheduled departure time will be considered that the participants withdrew from participation and the down payment is forfeited
  11. The minimum quota of departure is 50 participants and the maximum quota is 100 participants
  12. Insurances is not included in this hiking event


  1. Transportation (Surabaya – Baderan, Besuki, and Bremi – Probolinggo – Surabaya)
  2. Experienced Hiking crews
  3. Sightseeing Surabaya city
  4. Supplies during the trips
  5. Camping equipment
  6. P3K
  7. Cocking equipment
  8. Entrance tickets and administrations
  9. T-shirt
  10. Meals
  11. Fresh milk in Bremi
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