Argopuro Trekking – The longest trekking field in Java

Mount Argopura is a former active volcano has an elevation of 3,088 Metres which is part of the mountains located in the Regency of Iyang Probolinggo, East Java and in the supervision of Sub BKSDA (Conservation of natural resources) is locality Jember.

Mount Argopuro mountain is the longest among the climbing line had the line of the mountains on the island of Java. Have historic relics from prehistoric times until the occupation of Japan.

Gunung Argopuro has multiple peaks, one of which is the culmination of Clement. In addition to having a typical attraction of mountain peaks, in the heritage sites are also Clement antiquity in the form of terraces comprising 3 complex area with 5 former building inside. The historic ruins believed to be the ruins of the former Kingdom of the goddess Clement.

Line the ascent to mount Argopuro there are 2 main lines are commonly used by the climbers, the first is via Baderan, Besuki or passing the village of Bremi, Probolinggo. If you want to reach the top faster, then the line Bremi – Probolinggo is the best choice, but note the climbing terrains of Bremi very uphill and spend a lot of energy, but if you want a more relaxing and climbing terrain more ramps, the line Baderan – Besuki is the best choice, but the path is long enough. Usually, climbers Ascend from Bremi going down in Baderan and vice versa.

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