Interesting Tour Destinations at Ujung Genteng

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Ujung Genteng is Southern coast of Java located at Cicarap the sub district of Sukabumi regency, with about 220 km from Jakarta, this will take approximately 6 until 7 hours road trip by private vehicle. The road is pretty good and has many alternative route. Moreover, there are many public transportation to reach Ujung Genteng. If you use public transportation, your first destination is Sukabumi bus terminal next find public transportation to Surade then from here you should transfer to Lembur Situ terminal, so from this terminal you use minibus to take you to Ujung Genteng.

Ujung Genteng beach is a typically southern coast of Java, popular by it’s clear water and big wave. But unlike the Pelabuah Ratu beach that was famous by its danger and has killed many victims because the wave are malignant. Although Ujung Genteng beach come before the India ocean directly, but it’s wave did not harmful for visitor, because the big wave of India ocean crash out the coral stone on the beach then come as small wave in the beach, so we can enjoy this beautiful beach without any dangerous wave, you can swim here and you may also watch colorful fish between the reefs.

There are many interesting spots (tour destinations) at Ujung Genteng area:

1. Blue Tent Beach

The beach is very natural because it located inside protected forest which preserved by air forced army of Indonesia. The admission to enter the area is idr 5.000, this is very beautiful beach, on low tide we can walk through the beach about 200-300 meters to middle, its white sand and coral reef was very beautiful. But unfortunately the beach was not maintained carefully because many trash around the area.

2. Minajaya Beach

Similar with Blue tent beach, on low tide we can see peoples harvest seaweed and search lobster. Here we can buy fresh fish or lobster to be cooked so we can have lunch on the saung beside the beach.

3. Pangumbahan Beach

Wow! I was fascinated when was coming to the this beach, amazing white sand, here we can find many surfer play with giant wave, there was also turtle conservation in this beach. Thanks God! I can watch the babies of turtles are released to the ocean.

4. Amanda Ratu Beach

This beach located inside Amanda Ratu resort, here we can enjoy the Indian ocean with it’s giant wave.

5. Cipanarikan Beach or White Sand

The white sand decorate this beautiful beach, it was spectacular scenery I can see the encounter of sea and river in this estuary. This beach just like the desert of white sand. To reach this beach you must walk for about 5 minutes through protected forest, and your transportation are forbidden to enter the area.

6. Seven Wave Beach

The beach name was given by international tourist, because of its pretty wave for surfing activities.

7. Cikaso Waterfall (Curug Cikaso)

This waterfall has spectacular view, located far a way from those beaches, if you use your own vehicle, you should come to this waterfall after Surade terminal before you reach Ujung Genteng location, but if you was in Ujung Genteng area, you can hire motorcycle to pick up you there, because there is no direct public transportation to Cikaso waterfall. From parking area you can walk for about 200 m or you can take a boat to pick up you there by rent cost about idr 60.000.

8. Luhur Waterfall (Curug Luhur)

The first time I saw this waterfall I was not interesting, because this waterfall just like a river, but when I get down, I saw very beautiful view. It was a river with basic rocks decorate the area, just like a heaven on the earth. On the dry season this waterfall will dry and there is no water anymore.

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