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West Sumatra Tour – get closer to Minangkabau community

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The majority of the population of West Sumatra are Minangkabau peoples, they have a strong tradition and still practiced until now, the Minangkabau community with its cultural background has a major role in the history of Indonesian independence, until now we can relieve some of the names such as Bung Hatta, Tan Malaka and many other names, are the sons of Minangkabau. Minangkabau culture is so typical with materelinial system and the use of traditional titles to describe the status of a person, but of course the most interesting culture of West Sumatra is “Rantau culture”. In addition to having a distinctive culture, the nature of West Sumatra is also very beautiful, here we can enjoy the view towards the famous Bukit Barisan also the beautiful Singkarak lake, the second largest lake in Sumatra after Toba, in addition to the West Sumatra has many beautiful beaches that attract to be explored.

This tour program will combine culture-based tourism activities to get closer to the Minangkabau culture and travelers will also be invited to visit the places of interest and beautiful in West Sumatra. Join this tour program and let know better about West Sumatra.

Itinerary Tour Program

Day 1: Arrival – Meet and Greet.

We welcome you at Minangkabau internasional airport, after introduction and brief chat we will go Tiram beach to have lunch on the beach with mangrove forest and estuary as a background. Next we will take to Padang Toboh village, meet and great with traditional community of Padang Toboh and welcome ceremony by traditional dance “Tambu Tansa” a typical traditional dance of West Sumatra. Next we will make a simple audience with local community to know much closer about Minangkabau traditional culture.

In the afternoon we will take around the Padang Toboh village while enjoying the moment of sunset then back to the villa at the village. Dinner will served traditionally together with local community in Surau. The rest and overnight.

Day 2 : Explore West Sumatra

Start from 4 am we will head toward Pariangan Tanah Datar, in this place we can enjoy the sunrise with Bukit Barisan as background, here you can also visit the Pariangan hot springs. Furthermore, tourists are invited to have breakfast of West Sumatra traditional food: Ketupat Gulai typically West Sumatra or could choose to eat sticky rice and fried bananas plus durian, this is a typical breakfast in the style of West Sumatra.

Danau Singkarak Sumatra Barat 300x200 West Sumatra Tour   get closer to Minangkabau communityAfter breakfast, participants are invited to visit the Singkarak lake, the second largest lake in Sumatra after Lake Toba in North Sumatra. With panoramic view of Bukit Barisan and the chains of mount Singgalang and Merapi. Lunch by the lake of Singakarak with a menu of Bilis and Sasau fish. Furthermore, participants will be invited to visit the Pagaruyung palace (the largest ancient empire in Sumatra) as well as traditional museum objects and relics of ancient Minangkabau kingdom. Participants will also be introduced directly to the Minangkabau culture.

After being around, we will visit the Gandoriah beach in Pariaman city to enjoy the sunset, a BBQ dinner will be served on the beach, before late night we would go back to the villa in the village of Padang Toboh and rest.

Day 3 : Transfer to Airport

Breakfast in the villa, and after breakfast we will visit the home of industrial of mats typical of West Sumatra, we will also visit the center for souvenirs. Once satisfied shopping, participants will be escorted to the international airport of Minangkabau and the tour program ends.

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