Tourism activity decreased while earthquake tremor of Mt. Bromo increased

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Landscape Gunung Bromo

In the midst of an earthquake tremor increased the activity of Mount Bromo, tourism activities also declined, this decline in revenue impact on residents around Mount Bromo which depend upon tourism services. However, tourists can still enjoy the sunrise at Bromo in Penanjakan 2, and residents hope at the moment of Christmas and new year, the number of tourists will increase.
Meanwhile, the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) to prepare a variety of anticipation for the things that may happen with increasing volcanic activity of Mount Bromo, East Java.
“In connection with the increased activity of the contingency plans face Bromo Bromo eruption soon be resolved,” said Head of Data Information and Public Relations BNPB Sutopo Purwo Nugroho through written statement received in Jakarta, Sunday (12/13/2015), as quoted by Antara.
Probolinggo District Government, he said, were quite prepared to face the possibility of Bromo eruption. Signs warning, evacuation routes, and other meeting points have been installed.
“Socialization continuously improved and is prepared rehearsals field. Providing a ready-made fund of Rp 2.5 billion. The challenge remains for evacuation route road infrastructure is not adequate. Not optimal communications network linking the affected areas is also an obstacle,” he said.
In Lumajang, he added, dissemination to the public continues to be done. Masks available 25,000 pieces of the needs of 65,000 sheets. In Malang Regency contingency plan is final and the legalization of local governments.
“People are encouraged to remain calm. There should be no displacement. Type Bromo eruptions are strombolian. Based on the history of eruption no major eruption,” he said.
Bursts of volcanic ash, he added, also increased to 1,500 meters from the summit of Mount Bromo. Thick gray smoke toward the west-Sea. As a result, Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport in Malang closed again until Monday (12/14/2015).
“Whether open or closed re-adjusted to the distribution of Bromo eruption,” he said.

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