Landscape Air terjun Toroan Sampang

Toroan Waterfall Sampang

Toroan waterfall landscape view  1024x683 Toroan Waterfall Sampang

Madura island has one of the most beautiful waterfall tour destinations with breathtaking landscape, the name of the waterfall is “Toroan”, this waterfall located directly in front of the beach, because of its location, Toroan waterfall is very suitable to be a photography object, No wonder some couples make this place as a pre-wedding photo location.

Toroan waterfall is located in District Ketapang Sampang Madura, it’s very easy to reach it because of its location not too far from main north coast road of Madura island, you just need to walk few minutes from the parking area to reach this waterfall. Next, you will see beaches interspersed with rocks and corals, just to the left side of the beach you will see Toroan waterfall falling from a height of approximately 20 meters between the rocks on the beach, the fresh water we can see blends with the sea water.

The best time to enjoy the beauty of this waterfall is at sunset, from the position of this waterfall we can see clearly the sunset, this is the best time to take a picture of this waterfall. In addition of this attraction, we can also relax on the beach while enjoying the afternoon time and see the scenery around, some trees grow on the cliffs around the waterfall Toroan, the combination of some of these objects makes Toroan waterfall perfect place to spend your weekend.

This waterfall is easily accessible, if you start the trip from the Surabaya city, you can use a private vehicle across the Suramadu bridge and take the north coast road of Madura island, after driving approximately 2.5-3 hours from Surabaya you will arrive in Ketapang Subdistrict , From here just drive along the road eastwards for about 10 minutes and you will arrive at Toroan waterfall.

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