Telaga Warna Dieng Plateau

Telaga Warna Dieng Plateau

telaga warna dieng Telaga Warna Dieng Plateau

This is the tourism icon of Dieng, so beautiful and enchanting, shooting the eyes of the beholder, has stunning landscape, so don’t miss this spot when you visit Dieng Plateau. The best time to visit this lake is early morning when the sun is not too hot and stinging while the best place to enjoy its beauty is in Batu Pandang and Sidengkeng hill. Just like his name, this lake will emit beautiful colored water with the green scenery as it background.

The beauty of Telaga Warna, Dieng radiant color is so legendary, just like a heaven in the center island of Java. History has recorded that since 1901 this lake has been visited by lot of foreign tourist especially from the Dutch. Nowadays, the beauty and the prestige of Telaga Warna are never fading up. Domestic and International tourist visit Dieng plateau to witness the beauty of Telaga Warna.

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