Kecak dance Bali

Kecak Dance Bali

Kecak dance Bali 300x164 Kecak Dance BaliKecak dance is a traditional Balinese ballet dance mass involving dozens of people at once, this dance depicts a story that symbolized through quick movements, full of enthusiasm and shouts that reads “cak cak ke cak cak ke” by the dancers dryers are usually men, in the midst of a dancer accompaniment is the main player in the Kecak dance which describes the puppet characters in the Ramayana story of “Rama, Shinta, Sugriva, Hanuman and Ravana etc.. This dance originated from Sanghyang ritual in which the dancers are in a state of unconsciousness, in some literature describes the condition of the communication between the dancers with ancestral spirits.
Unlike general dances in the Hindu tradition, the Kecak dance is not intended as a form of worship to the god, dance is also not using gamelan music devices such as traditional Balinese dance in general, just use the movements combined with the shouts. There are Kecak dance performances are held every day in several places of Bali at once intended as a tourist attraction to tourists, one of the most exciting performances Kecak dance in Bali held in Uluwatu due to be implemented at sunset.
According to Wikipedia, the Kecak dance was created in 1930 by Wayan Limbak in collaboration with German painter Walter, Wayan Limbak then popularizing this dance while traveling the world with his troupe of Balinese dancers.

In addition to the story of Ramayana, there are some titles and themes of Kecak dance is often staged as:

– Kecak Subali and Sugriva, was created in 1976.

– Kecak Dewa Ruci, was created in 1982.

Both were the work of Mr. I Wayan Dibia.

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