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Hoga Island is a Remote Divers Paradise

Hoga Island is a remote divers paradise found in the heart of the Wakatobi region of Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. This idyllic island has no roads, one small fishing village of about 30 families, and a few bungalows for visiting divers. Long white sandy beaches and spectacular pristine coral reefs make it a great place to […]

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Free diving in Wakatobi

Diving In Indonesia is The Capital Diving Centre of the World

Indonesia is the place to be if you want to go scuba diving. The place boasts of being one of the top scuba diving destinations in the whole world. The reason behind this is that it has around 20 percent of the worlds coral reefs nestled deep within its waters. Indonesia is made up of […]

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Scuba Diving Jakarta

Try Scuba Diving – Jakarta

Have you ever dived? Exploring the beauty of the underwater world of Indonesia. If not, then ┬álearn to dive and enjoy the beauty of coral reefs in the world, all located in Indonesia. If you do not feel confident to learn diving, our means to make you feel the sensation, we facilitate Try Scuba Diving […]

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