pulau pramuka

Pramuka Island – Thousand Islands

pulau pramuka 300x225 Pramuka Island   Thousand IslandsPramuka Island is part of the Thousand Islands with area of ​​about 9 hektare and was inhabited by about 1000 people, the island is also the administrative center of government administration of Thousand Islands, that’s why physical infrastructure here is more complete than the surrounding islands, there is a hospitals on the island and schools until high school level.

Pramuka Island can be reached from the Port of Muara Angke in Kaliadem – North Jakarta, scheduleed 2 times a day, at 07.00 am in the morning and 01.00 pm in the noon, the journey to the island with boat is crowded, so if you want a vacation to the island, it helps you to come earlier.

Condition of the island and the sea is still awake and beautiful scenery make the island always interesting to be visited, some of the activities you can do during a holiday on the island, among others; snorkeling and diving in some of the surrounding small islands, crystal clear waters and ecosystems maintained, snorkeling equipment can also rent on the island, including the boat that will take you, you can also rent a kayak to circumnavigate the island. Observations on turtle breeding center and some marine animals such as sharks are also interesting, you can directly touch the animals, can also spend time for fishing in the waters around the island, you can rent a boat to the local with a relatively cheap price.

The islanders of the island are very friendly, accommodating to the tourism, you can easily find a home for an overnight stay, they also facilitate eat for travelers, rents home stay and eat are also relatively inexpensive, but it’s good to find a contact person in the island before you arrive there, so you will get special services.

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