welcome to pelangi island

Pelangi Island – Thousand Islands

welcome to pelangi island 300x225 Pelangi Island   Thousand IslandsPelangi Island is a resort area of ​​12 ha with a distance of about 90 minutes from Mutiara beach, Jakarta, and is one of the tourism destinations under the sea in the Thousand Islands. Rainbow Island has a diving center are sufficient to bring the guests enjoy the underwater scenery of Thousand Islands, the island also has a diving training facility at a depth of 5 meters . Experienced dive master who was also ready to help the beginners to start his first diving.

In this island there is also a floating restaurant that became one characteristic of the island . In addition, there is also a place to stay in Bungalows with traditional wood still shows a distinctive touch 90s. Enjoying a beautiful stretch of white sand on the island would not be complete if it did not try water sports such as snorkeling, island hoping, banana boat, and diving . Serenity and silence of the woods at this place also be an alternative for you who want to get relaxation from the routine life of the capital city of Jakarta. This island location close to Sepa Island and Putri Island, so that during a trip to Pelangi Island , you can see two islands.

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