Pulau Pari

Pari Island – Thousand Islands

Pulau Pari 300x200 Pari Island   Thousand IslandsPari Island is part of Thousand Islands, with a fast boat Pari Island can be taken 1-1.5 hours from Marina Ancol dock or from Port Kaliadem in Muara Angke, North Jakarta. The island is relatively close to the Rambut island, Lancang island, Tidung island, and Pramuka Island at the center of the Thousand Islands regency government . Of some of the island, Pari can be taken less than 30 minutes. Pari become one point stop of fast boat owned by Jakarta Transportation Agency serving the route Muara Angke – Thousand Islands twice a day.
The island offers three mainstay attractions , namely the Pantai Perawan (Virgin Beach), Dermaga Bukit Matahari (Pier Hill Sun), Pantai Pasir Keresek. In Virgin Beach, we can enjoy the white sand while running on the beach. If you want a little sweaty, bring volleyball. There is field to play beach volleyball for the visitors. Activities that are not less interesting in Pari Island is cycling. This small island circled by bike will not take more than an hour, but satisfying . Generally, every lodging house certainly provides bicycles for rent. But, if you go with a group of travel agents , usually bikes are included in the package .
In addition to the above attractions, snorkeling on this island is also exciting, the sea is shallow with crystal clear waters , you can rent a small fishing boat which can be found near the virgin sand beach to explore snorkeling spots , with a small boat we can more freely explore the spots of snorkeling, usually a local fisherman who guides us will show the interesting spots .
You do not need to worry where will stay over night, on this island many houses are rented out to visitors, the rent price is not too expensive, of course, do not expect luxury facilities, you will not find a five-star hotel in such a small island like pari island.

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