Palembang City Tour Destination 2022

While, if you just decided to make a tour in Palembang, you can consider an alternative.
This place is the main object of the city Palembang with diverse culture and history.

The capital of South Sumatra that has a large area, and has a very unique attraction. Since hundreds of years ago, has a history that makes the name Indonesia hand in hand with the Kingdom of Srivijaya in the past.

some of the places in Sumatra built since 18 century, where the focus only to Dutch Colonial building tour in Palembang and Secret of Musi Treasure Hunting.

Visit the 10 destinations it takes 1 day if you only have limited time, at least 4 hours, you can enjoy at least 4 locations.


Best destination of Palembang

1. Benteng Kuto Besak

2. Museum Balaputra Dewa

3. Museum Sriwijaya dan Taman Purbakala Kerajaan Sriwijaya (TPKS)

4. Museum Sultan Mahmud Badarudin (SMB) II

5. Kampung Kapitan

6. Kampung Al-Munawar

7. Al-Quran Al-Akbar

8. Bukit Siguntang

9. Pulau Kemaro

10. Pasar 16 Lir

Most of these places are associated with the history, keep you know, Palembang is very popular with a diversity of unique foods, which became a favorite of Palembang citizens is empek-empek.

Here you can start the tour and a short adventure in Palembang. Do not hesitate to contact the team.

The Palembang city tour

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