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Mt. Raung Trekking Details

Mt. Raung Trekking Details

Trekking up duration: 11-12 hours
Trekking down duration: 6-7 hours
Total Activity : 3 days 2 night
Highest peak: 3332m above sea level
Start/ Finish: Basecamp at Sumber Wringin village at Bondowoso
Trekking Route: via Sumber Wringin village, Bondowoso regency


Mt. Raung is a part of Ijen mountains, the most eastern mountains in Java island, these mountains extend in the area of 4 regencies of East Java, they are Bondowoso, Jember, Situbondo, and Banyuwangi. Mt. Raung itself was popular by it hardest mount trekking activity in all around Java, because of no water resources along the trekking route and need technical climbing skill with ropes to reach its highest peak.

The highest peak of Mt. Raung is 3332 meters above sea level, there are 2 popular trekking routes to climb Mt. Raung, the first is via Sumber Wringin, Bondowoso and the second is via Kalibaru Jember, only the last route will take the climbers to the highest peak of Mt. Raung which needs technical climbing skill with ropes to do that, and the first route will only take the climber to “Tusuk Gigi peak” but wonderful enough to enjoy it amazing caldera and no need for technical climbing skill with ropes to reach this peak, but when arriving the area nearby the peak, the trekking route will be really dangerous when arriving nearby the peak, because the route will remain only the cliff with a small path.

In this chance, we will climb Mt. Raung via route Sumber Wringin at Bondowoso regency, this route will take around 10-11 hours trekking or even longer depends to the power and stamina of the climbers and no need to the technical climbing skill with ropes to reach the highest peak. Below is the trekking itinerary details with the names of shelter and it situations

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Trekking Itinerary Details

Basecamp → Shelter 1 (Pondok Motor): 45m drive or 4h trekking

The distance from base camp to Pondok Motor is about 7 km and takes around 4 hours trekking, but can be reached using vehicles and takes only 45 minutes drive, we really recommend using vehicles to reach this first shelter. Along the trekking route, we can find local people’s farmland and plantations.

Shelter 2 (Pondok Motor) → Shelter 3 (Pondok Sumur): 3h trekking

Takes around 3 hours trekking. There are still many local people’s farmland and plantation along this route with many path branches.

Pondok Demit 300x215 Mt. Raung Trekking DetailsShelter 3 (Pondok Sumur) → Shelter 4 (Podok Demit) 2h30m trekking

Takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes trekking. From here the path climbing will uphill along the tropical forest, Shelter Pondok Demit is a broad field located inside the forest without any water resources.

Shelter 4 (Pondok Demit) → Shelter 5 (Pondok Mayit): 2h trekking

Takes around 2 hours trekking. The trekking path is going out of the tropical forest into a savanna around the pine forest. If we plan for summit attack, this shelter is a good choice for overnight camp, but no water resources.

Pondok Angin 300x215 Mt. Raung Trekking DetailsShelter 5 (Pondok Mayit) → Shelter 6 (Pondok Angin) → The peak of Mt. Raung: 1h trekking

Takes around 1-hour trekking. The trekking path going out of the forest through the vast savanna and then entering the area of no vegetation which is marked with the memorial place of Deden Hidayat, He was a man which was death during the Mt. Raung trekking. When arriving nearby the peak, the path will be rocky and extreme, there is not enough flat field until the peak. So climber has to be full care full.

At the peak of Mt. Raung we can see it amazing caldera, there is a small crater inside the caldera, Mt. Raung is an active volcano, we can still hear the sounds of eruption at shelter 5. Then if you see the higher peak then this peak, that is what they call “Puncak Sejati” or “the true peak”, on 3332m above sea level, to reach the true peak, we should trek up via Kalibaru route at Jember and need technical climbing with ropes to reach this highest peak.

Nearby Raung peak Mt. Raung Trekking Details

Trekking down

It takes around 5-6 hours with the normal stop for break depend to the stamina and powers, we will arrive at the base camp in the afternoon, and finish entire trekking activity of Mt. Raung.

Trekking Summary

Trekking up takes around 10-11 hours without any obstacle and if the stamina of the climber is good and 1 overnight camp in shelter 5 (Pondok Mayit) if possible depends to the condition and situation during the trekking.

Necessary Equipment
1. Healthy and good stamina
2. Healthy information signed by a doctor
3. Good shoe for trekking
4. T-shirt with the long sleeve
5. Warm Jacket
6. Sleeping bag and Mattress
7. Head Light Torch

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