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Medan City Tour and Explore Toba Lake

Lake Toba formed about 75 thousand years ago by the eruption of a super volcano (Mount Toba), in addition to forming lake Toba, this eruption also caused nearly half the area of the earth is covered by volcanic ash and lead to mass death and extinction of several species of living things as well as global climate change and the beginning of the ice age.

Now, the lake Toba become one of the most visited tourist destinations in Indonesia and has invited thousands of tourist every year.

Did you know that the wide of Toba lake resemble the wide of Singapore, it’s also the largest lake in South East Asia and is the deepest lake on the earth (450m).

Situated at 900m above sea level made the area of Toba lake are cold, very good for relaxing and the destination for family vacation, we can bike along the bank of the lake while enjoying the beautiful view of this wonderful lake.


Day 1: Medan – Parapat

We will welcome you upon your arrival in Kualanamu Medan international airport, next we will drive to Parapat via Pematang Siantar through the road of Trans Sumatra, along the road our eyes will be treated by the green of palm oil and rubber plantation. We will stop at the center of snack shop and souvenir at Pasar Bengkel for a break and if you want, you can buy meals such as Dodol and typical Sumatra cakes.

Next, we will continue driving to Parapat, a small town on the outskirts of Toba lake, precisely at the southeast of the lake, then check in hotel and break, dinner will be served at the local restaurant or we can find local culinary. Free activity, rest and overnight.

Day 2: Parapat – Samosir – Medan

We will have breakfast at the hotel and then check out. Next we will head toward Samosir, it is island located in the middle of Toba lake, we can reach it by using motorboat, if you’re a group with number of participants at least 16 persons then you can visit two destinations in Samosir island are Tomok and Ambarita, but if you’re less then 16 persons, you can visit Tomok only.

Ambarita is a village where we can find inside it the custom houses of Batak tribe at Huta Siallagan, at the same place we also can find a stone table, it was used by the king to punish his enemy.

Tomok is historical tourist destination at Samosir island, it is located nearby Tomok ferry port, here we can find the gravestone of King Sidabutar, according to the legend, he was the first man who lives Samosir island.

Also in Tomok we can watch Sigale-gale dance, it is the human doll that is can dances “Tortor” (typical dance of Batak Toba tribe) accompanied by music, this dance can be staged by the request of the passenger. And of course, here we can find and buy a souvenir at the traditional shop as well at Ambarita.

In the noon we will leave Samosir island and back to Parapat and have lunch at local restaurant, next we will go to Berastagi at the high land of Karo, we will stop at Simarjarunjung and Sipiso-piso waterfall to enjoy the beautiful view of the wonderful Toba lake.

Upon arrival to Berastagi we will stop at a fruit market, in addition to the fruits we also can find here souvenir shops, next we will continue driving to Medan, check in hotel in the downtown of Medan having dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Medan City Tour – end program

Breakfast at hotel, next we will explore Medan city to visit several interesting places are Maimun palace built by Sultan Makmun Al-Rosyid on 1888 during the period of Deli kingdom, we will also stop at souvenir shops and take around the city and transfer you to the airport to end this tour.

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