Orang Baduy

Introdcution With Baduy Tribe

Orang Baduy 300x200 Introdcution With Baduy TribeBaduy tribe are a group of Sunda indigenous people in the district Lebak, Banten regency.

Their population is around 5,000 to 8,000 peoples, and they are one of the tribes who apply isolation from the outside world. The term “Baduy” is the name given by the outside world to these groups, the term originated from the Dutch researchers who seem to equate them with Badawi Arab groups who are nomadic societies. Another possibility is due to the River and Mountain named Baduy in the northern part of the region. They themselves prefer to call themselves as Urang Kanekes or “People Kanekes” according to their region name, or a designation that refers to the name of their village such as Urang Cibeo (Garna, 1993).

Baduy tribe are divided into 2 parts, Inner Baduy and Outer Baduy. Inner Baduy led by the village head called Pu’un, they are the people of Baduy are still very close and very strong in their custom and belief, there are many restrictions for them, such as the need to use the Baduy traditional clothing, should not use shoes / sandals, should not be crossed the island, should not use any kind of transportation and much more.

They believe that for anyone who violates these taboos will get bad luck. But even so, the people of Inner Baduy are very friendly with visitors, as well as its visitors also comply with their rules, they are preparing their homes to be used as a resting place for visitors who come to their village, they will record the address of every visitor who stops by, so that one day they could reply to visit visitor’s homes. Baduy people’s livelihood is farming and making crafts.

The second is the Outer Baduy, led by a headman called ” Daina ” is the outer Baduy society, more open than Inner Baduy, nominally have been open in using technology such as mobile phones and radios, they also go to school and can write and read, Outer Baduy develop typical batik, which is traditionally made by their women, and then they sell them or make of it the clothes like shirts and t-shirts, outer Baduy main livelihood is farming, and some people are trading. Because the outer Baduy had not tied the ban to use distinctive clothing, they can use the same clothes as we wear, they also do not have restrictions in order to use any kind of transportation, so the Outer Baduy generally will look like ordinary people. So many visitors who say ” someone has not been visiting Baduy tribe before going to Inner Baduy district ” ( about 5 hours walk away from Cibolger )


Day 1

We will pick you up at the airport, hotel or any place you decide, then we will be heading toward Ciboleger village in Banten, this trip will take approximately 5-6 hours, depending on traffic conditions. From the village we will trek to Baduy village in Cibeo, we will arrive on late afternoon, breaks and dinner. Then we can spend a quiet evening by chatting with Baduy people and seek to know the story and their daily lives.

Day 2

After breakfast, we will explore Inner Baduy village to know their daily lives, cultural construction and other interesting things about them. By noon we will break and lunch. Next, we will go back to Ciboleger village, from here we will go back to Jakarta, we will arrive in Jakarta the night and end the tour program.

Included Services: Tour Guide, private car with air conditioner, fuel, driver, entry permits, accommodation for one night, meals 4x during the tour, mineral water.

Not Included Services: Personal expenses, tipping.

Things to bring: Camera, hat, trekking shoes and towel.


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