Hyang Darungan waterfall Probolinggo

Aiterjun Hyang Darungan 300x217 Hyang Darungan waterfall Probolinggo

Probolinggo, precisely at the foot of Mt. Argopuro. Bremi village also a west gate for Mt. Argopuro trekking activity which is popular by it longest trekking path, this waterfall situated at the trekking path of Mt. Argopuro or around 1-hour trekking from the first shelter camp (Air Dingin) of Mt. Argopuro. This waterfall is hidden, the visitor has to pas farmland and plantation to reach this 15 meters waterfall.

Although this waterfall located inside the area of the tourist village, this waterfall not yet popular for even Indonesian citizen, this situation keeps the waterfall still natural, most of the visitor coming from local people of district Probolinggo and the hikers of Mt. Argopuro. Hyang Darungan waterfall has two waterfalls, are the top and the bottom, at the Top Hyang Darunga waterfall it appears at the pool in the bottom of the waterfall the water is very clear, when the crew of Keliling Nusantara came in 2014 and looks at the clear of the water, we definitely have no doubt to drink from the pool of the waterfall, in different with the bottom Hyang Darungan waterfall, locals people quite often visiting this waterfall especially in the weekend.

The entrance ticket fee for this waterfall is IDR 3000,- very affordable for tourist, with that price we can enjoy the beauty of Hyang Darungan waterfall and additionally, we can also enjoy green local farmland and plantation along the trekking path, the typical clear air of mountains nature, friendly and helpfully local peoples.

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