Green Canyon Pangandaran

Green Canyon – Pangandaran

Green Canyon Pangandaran Green Canyon – Pangandaran

GREEN CANYON!! Do not identify it as one of the prestigious tour destination in America, look more to the writing. It’s not the Grand Canyon of America, but it’s Green Canyon of Pangandaran. A beautiful natural tourist destination in West Java. Local people call it “Cukang Taneuh” which means “Land Bridge” because here there are 3 meters wide land bridge over the twin cliffs by the river. Along the river we will flow across the mossy cliffs, almost like a cave by flowing rivers, in the dry season the river water clear greenish color displays basic mossy rocks, probably because it was then called  “The Green Canyon”. I think you should not miss it when visiting Pangandaran – West Java, this is a very fascinating natural wonders.

Route ?

Green Canyon is located in Subdistrict Cijulang, of District Pangandaran, West Java. If you depart from Jakarta, the best route by car is through Bandung to Tasikmalaya. From Tasik, there are two paths that can be taken, which passes east through Tasik City, Ciamis, Banjar city, Pangandaran, Parigi and Cijulang. This path has a distance about 170 km. The second path is the south route cross Tasik city, Cipatujah, Cikalong, Cimanuk then Cijulang, with a distance of approximately 60 km.

Although shorter, the south route line is not recommended for those who want to quickly get to the Green Canyon. Pacing iron sand trucks activity at the track resulted in severely damaged of the south path and make it longer trips.

Entrance Tickets Fee?

Prepare enough cash when you visit the Green Canyon, because there is no ATM  in these places. Boat is the only transportation from the pier to the Green Canyon, you can rent a boat for IDR 125,000 for maximum six persons. If you want to swim then you’ll be charged extra. We recommend you to come to this place as a group, so you can share your cost within your group, this will make boat rental costs could be lighter.


You will be stunned and screaming while standing staring at the beauty of this nature, then take your camera to capture the beauty of every corner of Green Canyon. Last swim under stalactites feel the cool water penetrating your skin.

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You don’t have to be confused if you are hungry after swimming and enjoy the beauty of Green Canyon. A number of food stalls available adjacent to the parking location. You also can look for souvenirs such as T-shirts at the same location. For lodging you can take a trip around one hour to Pangandaran. There you’ll find more lodging with varying prices. But, if you have been very tired, do not hesitate to stay at the orphanage Batu Karas region, approximately 15 minutes from Green Canyon.

Time to visit?

If you do not want to queue do not come on the weekend, there are pretty much visitors on week end. However, if you have only on the week end for your holiday vacation, we advise you to arrive earlier. Green Canyon is open from 07.30 until 16.00. Do not come during the rainy season. Because it is probable Green Canyon closed due to rising water discharge. The best time visit is during the dry season, because the river water is green, clear and calm.

Things to bring?

Should prepare a change of clothes if you plan to swim in the Green Canyon. Do not forget to bring a waterproof camera to capture the moment when you swim. Do not worry if you do not bring a life jacket, because the boatman has provided a life jacket for you.

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