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Explore Lombok – Land Tour all over Lombok 3D2N

Sasak Tribe attraction 300x203 Explore Lombok – Land Tour all over Lombok 3D2NExploring Lombok island is always interesting acitivity to be done, it has its own sensation, Lombok is not merely has beautiful beach in the world, but also has beautiful mountain, culture and tradition stay sustainable and interesting to be known, and local community who although not as accommodating as in Bali, but they are friendly.

This tour program will give you a chance to explore every side of Lombok, to know its people and its cultural construction much closer, its beautiful beaches and its splendor mountain. Start from Central of Lombok then heading toward West Lombok, next we will visit North and West Lombok. Each district has its own attraction. Do you interest ? Let’s join with our tour program!


Day 1 – Arrival, Kuta Lombok and introduction with Sasak Sade Tribe (L|D)

Upon your arrival, we will pick up you at Lombok International Airport. Next we will go to Kuta Lombok and visit Tanjung Aan beach thats has 2 different types of sand, after enjoying the beach, we will stop at traditional houses of Sasak Sade tribe while they weave fabric and make introduction with them. Before late afternoon we will head toward Senggigi and check in hotel. Free activities in the night around Senggigi beach and you can enjoy shades of night at one of beautiful beach in Indonesia.

Day 2 – Senggigi – Sendang Gile Waterfal (L|D)

On early morning, you get out of your hotel room to enjoy sunrise at Senggigi beach. Around 10 am after having breakfast, we will go to Malimbu then trek northern beach of Lombok to enjoy its natural scenary from high place. Off Malimbu we will go Senaru at Northern Lombok anch check in hotel. On the noon we will visit Sendang Gile waterfall, once of the favorite tour destination at Northern Lombok. Before late afternoon we will back in to hotel then have rest. Dinner will be served at hotel while enjoying fresh night at the slope of mount Rinjani.

Day 3 – Bayan Beleq Mosque, Sembalun, Airport – end of Tour (L)

After having breakfast, we will visit old mosque Bayan Beleq thats keep a history and become a witness of Islamic diffusion on Lombok. Next we will drive around Sembalun in the foot of mount Rinjani and enjoy natural views of tropical Indonesia and feel its fresh air, we also shall stop to the traditional house of Sembalun to know about local communities at its culture much closer. After lunch we will stop at the central of shopping stall to buy typical souvenir of Lombok, next we will send you to airport and end this tour program.

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